Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flashcards Family Project

After reading my previous blog entry and other mommies’ responses, my husband jadi bersemangat pulak nak buat flashcards! Before I know it dah siap our flashcards project. I sempat buat the numbers je, yg lain my husband dah siapkan. At lunchtime we took it to a printing shop to get them laminated. Skejap je dah siap, yay!

Adam's flash cards; ABC, 123, body parts and shapes

I couldn’t wait to show Adam the cards so in the car on our way back from the office I dah bagi preview kat dia. He seemed really interested and it also can calm him down when he gets bored sitting in his car seat.

Adam and his new homemade flashcards

So last night Adam had his first proper flashcard session. He was interested and paid attention. Once he showed signs that he’s had enough, I stopped and moved on to his next activity. Overall I’m satisfied with the session. Lepas ni boleh teruskan lagi flashcard session daily. Yahoo…

Adam having fun with his flashcard

Thank you Daddy for making Adam’s flashcards for him…


Anonymous said...

wahh so nice...!! i xbuat2 lg. xde printer, malas nk lukis sdr. last2 bli jer. hua hua hua.

kalo nk laminate sdr, bole pakai sterika & lapik. tp lawa lawa x tau la. hehe.

aidafiqs adamia said...

senang je buatnye...ceh mmgla i ckp senang cos Daddy Adam yg buatkan...hehe

mcmana laminate sendiri tu..tak paham...pakai lapik tu lapik ape?

Anonymous said...

lapik kain atas kertas tu to avoid direct contact dgn sterika. hehe.

Anonymous said...

adam love being student..hehe so cute!

Anonymous said...

cantik flashcards..well done mommy and daddy adam!;)
i xde printer so colour sendiri dengan marker merah..struggle tuh..demi anak terchenta!;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

along...wah...taktaulak boleh laminate DIY...hehe

Auntie khairina,
ni ernie ke..or khairina from office?

ana yasmin! yes tq! penat i pikir nama u sape =)
kitorg pun takde printer kaler...print kat kedai tu skali..hehe..rajinnye u lukis sendiri...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i pun dr aritu nk start flashcard with my babies...tapi tak start2 lagi.
my mom still keeps the flashcard that she used during my time. in fact since my first bro who is now turning 30...skit lagi bleh jadi antique...hehehe

aidafiqs adamia said...

wow..majunye your mom..i thought zaman dulu2 takde flashcards..hehe..sentimental lak tu simpan sampai skang..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

zaman dulu ade flashcard, the western dh gune sini je tak byk ppl being exposed..tu org2 dulu ingat my mom "torture" us kecik2 dh disuruh baca.

in fact all my siblings by 3 years sume dh masuk kindy...bkn nursery. mmg kindy betul. others would say, alar masuk kindy 6thn pun kang tau baca gak, biar lar puas2 main dulu. but the fact was we didn't even know we were actually learning..all we knew was we had fun. The approach of learning yg important kn.

aidafiqs adamia said...

it's all about the approach isn't it..kalau salah approah playtime pun boleh jadi torture..

Anonymous said...

aunty khairina is ernie la dot..cute la adam! lama tak jumpe


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