Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mia at 8 months

This little young lady turned 8 months yesterday...oh how she's grown!

She's standing up all by herself all the time now. Now that she knows she can stand without holding onto anything, she's challenging herself to stand up while carrying something in her hands or mouth. It looks really funny, I tell you.

She has 2 teeth on the bottom, and 4 up top. The 4 top ones came out almost at the same time, which wasn't much fun for her. But the last of the 4 came out yesterday, so she's much happier today.

When she sees something exciting, she goes 'slurp!slurp!' and then crawl over to get it.

When she's anxious, like when she sees mommy walking away or when the lights are switched off (she knows that means bedtime) she starts breathing really heavily, before screaming her lungs out.

She loves playing with Adam. She cries easy with any bumps (accidental or otherwise) he gives her, but she always keep coming back for more.

She pretty much put everything in her mouth. Except for the occasional choke-able things, i pretty much let her. She'll get over this phase. Eventually.

Her laugh is beautiful and precious, reserved only for the funniest of jokes. But she does give us a purposeful chuckle every now and then to tell us she's enjoying herself. It sounds like this - ahak! ahak!

now that she's more mobile, she's participating a lot at the children centres. she loves it there. Especially the singing sessions.

Happy 8 months birthday, my pretty! Love you!


Unknown said...

gmbr last tu sebijik muka adam lorrr...:)

Mommy Lyna said...

Mia dah besauuu

bila nk jumpe lg?

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