Monday, November 15, 2010

Yours and mine

Well you know how I haven't been sewing for a while? Recently I made this little project for instant gratification - baby legwarmers. It's time for legwarmers but the ready-made ones are so expensive! So I made them out of normal ladies' striped socks. The cotton socks costs less than a pound a pair from Primark. And the sewing time is about 10 mins per pair. Awesome.

and then I realised that I can use it too, as arm-warmers. They're becoming increasingly popular these days ('Life unexpected', anyone?) and very practical. Keep my arms warm and if my fingers get cold I can pull them down to cover them up too. I'm thinking I should whip up a few more of these.

I can wear them, Mia can wear them and even Adam can wear them as legwarmers (but he wouldn't!) and it's small enough you can always throw them in your purse if anybody needed them later in the day. The British weather can be so unpredictable. You see the sun is out so you go out all skedandy for a short trip to the children centre and the next thing you know you and your kids are soaked from head to toe. Which actually happened to me last week and the only pair of dry 'pants' for Mia I can dig up from my (sister's) bag are these legwarmers. Bless them.


Ernie Khairina said...

Genius invention.
Aida, you in turquoise. New color.

aishajude said...

oh gosh,
i did the same thing, it's actually my handsocks/extension..when its cold, my son can wear it as legwarmers too.. =)

Lina S said...

ahh... jaw dropping creation as usual!

Anonymous said...

as'kum aida, i luv reading your blog when I have the time. I salute u! u're a great mom! I hope I will have time for my kids one day. dee-asri

Anonymous said...

mana u beli the voile? nak pesan kat my sister. dee

aidafiqs adamia said...

you're so observant. my old top, acah bawak from msia...about the legwarmer, let me clarify, bukan my can buy legwarmers anywhere..even kat msia org pakai for crawling babies, to protect their knees..

they're so useful kan..i wanted to knit one but i figure it would take too long cos we need them now..

hardly my 'creation'. the process took 10 min je..

where are you at now? and asri? thank you for visiting (and for saying i'm a great mom! always nice to hear that one) i bought the voile online from US (still cheaper than buying from the UK, postage included)

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Anonymous said...

i'm in malaysia.. dah 1 year, but i always long to go back to uk. Living here is hectic. no time to enjoy life. so cherish it dearly my dear. dee


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