Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mia @ 11 months (and Snow Day)

I have a sneaky suspicion Mia is trying for the fastest growing baby award..gosh..she's practically a toddler already!

She's a stable walker by now and can walk any distance she likes, or run, even. With her tiny little body she looks like a penguin waddling around the house. She follows me around where ever I go, and she is very quick. Every trip to the toilet is a race because she will be banging on the toilet door before I even had the chance to sit on the loo.

She understands everything we say to her. Honestly, she does. And she will respond to prove it. If you ask her, where's your Princess book Mia? She'll go and fetch the Princess book.

Yesterday she picked up a blanket, pulled it over her face and giggled. I asked, 'where's Mia?' and she pulled the blanket down, laughing and smiling proudly. Pandai main cak cak...adam la ajar ni...

She's very possessive of me. No one can come near me. If she sees me cuddling up with Adam or Daddy, she'll come over and start crying, until they leave me alone with her.

If she wants cheese she says 'chissss, chissss' . if she wants susu she says 'ssss,ssss'. She tries to repeat after the words we say.

We have a little gate at our living room door to prevent her from going to eat shoes in the hallway (one of her favourite activity) but lately she figured out how to open it! So much for babyproofing! honestly, we've had many adults guests who couldn't figure out how to open fact everything in the house is now subject to her experimentation...the tv, the speakers, the wires, the bookshelf...Adam keep going 'Mia, no! nanti Daddy marah!'. But she just smile cheekily and keep going at it...but when Daddy's at work, Adam says 'It's ok Mommy, biar je iya (mia) main..Daddy work, Mommy...'

Oh yes, he constantly covers for her. If he sees me or Daddy telling her off he'll say 'Daddy, sian iya (mia) ....janan (jangan) mawwah (marah) iya...'. Or sometimes he says 'It's ok Mommy...iya kecik Mommy...'. you know how lucky you are Mia?

You are well-loved, my dear. Happy 11 month birthday!

Here are more photos from our recent Snow Day. As usual not much snow in London but we made the most of it...

Adam had the most fun, naturally.

We tried to make a my husband said,dgn Adam memang takkan siap2 nyelah...he said nak buat 'sandcastle'.

it was pretty heavy snow that it bad that i want to wish for more snow? the news says it's pretty bad already...and everybody hates it because it makes travelling impossible and dangerous..but for us who aren't travelling anywhere, i'm content to stay at home with the kids, blissfully knitting and staring in wonder at the snow falling outside...

my little snow angel


ummi said...

adam sgt syg mia..untung mia...
n d picture,sgt gojes..

Momma Qiestina said...

weeeeeeeeeeee syioknye mia main snoww :)

muah dia cket!

Unknown said...

woww..bestnye anak beranak main snow. tp aku plak yg terase sejuk!, mia tak kene flu ke kat sana? aku tgk mcm merah2 pipi and hidung die..takpe ek baby main snow?
geram tgk mia tembam bam bam ;)

shakirah samsudin said...

adam sangat sweet la. :)

Hada Masayu said...

ha'a aida, malaysia news is reporting on heavy snows in london, scotland, etc..and heathrow airport is loaded with stranded people, and it reminds me of u & yr family when i saw the news r u, and mia, and adam, n taufiq??feeling good huhh w d snow???hehe..syok aa begambar dlm snow, and me also, here in malaysia experience snow ..hehe, tp bukan really a snowla, pokok kekabu yg aku baru 1st time tengok :p..

MK said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaa.........cantiknye gambaaaaarrr...

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

canteknyee mia kaler2 with snow yang puteh.
adam main nak teropong ape tuh

Mommy Lyna said...

lawanya macam dalam white studio!

Ernie Khairina said...

i like this update on Mia!
just saw ur new house photos recently, best sgt! tahniah korang =)

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg untung mia..

mama qiestina,
dia tak suka...sejuk..hehe

alhamdulillah tak kene flu so far..kitorg main snow ni blakang rumah je...bila dia dah sejuk aku pun naik...adam main lagi dgn daddy dia..

thank you!

best woo main kekabu....dulu kecik2 salu main...ajakla anak ko main hada..hehe

thank you!

kak fathin,
saje dia nak bwk teropong tu kak...taktaula nak explore ape...

thank you...everything looks beautiful in the snow kan..pure and soft..

thank you! kitorg mmg excited nak duduk rumah sendiri...


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