Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leaving the nest

This blog has been really silent recently. I have been taking the time to think, to deal with this new change in our lives. We are leaving this beautiful place we called home for the past few years. It is not easy.

The past couple of days has been especially hard. Yesterday the movers came to pack our things into boxes and took them away to be shipped. I am thankful for them, because they do all the physical work, but emotionally I found it really difficult to watch our things being packed away and our home becoming empty. But it was hardest on Adam. We have been slowly trying to tell him that we're going back to Malaysia over the past couple of weeks, but i guess reality set in yesterday for all of us. He cried a lot yesterday, repeating over and over 'i don't want packing, i don't want packing. I want our house...' He tried to 'save' some of his toys, to guard them away from the movers. Mia observed all this, tried her best to console Adam. She tried to kiss him, hug him, but in his distress he kept pushing her away. She didn't take offence but was in fact more adamant to comfort him, in the end she jumped over him and just hugged him realy tight, until he laughed at how silly it was. After that he kept asking her for more hugs and she was happy to oblige. She pointed her finger accusingly at the movers as they were packing their toys and books, until the guy actually felt so guilty he stopped packing the toys for a while and went packing something else! She even tried opening some of the packed boxes of toys.

Last night adam developed a fever. Poor baby. He is really taking this hard. Tonight he still has a temperature. We have couple more days here, i hope he gets better before we leave.

My husband has a ton of work to complete before we leave and hasn't left the computer for days, working until 4-5 in the morning. I have been cleaning the house today, scrubbing everything and hope to return this house to the owner as lovely as it was when we moved in.

We fell in love with this house the moment we set eyes on it. Today the house is as empty as it was when we move in. In a way i am glad for the sadness and distress that we feel as we leave this nest. It means that we have made a good home here, a happy home. My children have been happy in this house. We have experience so much together as a family here. We have been blessed. And now as we leave, I know that with the four of us together, we will make another happy nest somewhere new. Insyaallah. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for the wonderful joy we have had here and the exciting adventure ahead of us.

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Izza said...

change is never easy..especially for little ones...i'm sure you'll make a lovely home in Malaysia, one that is yours and you can hammer or scribble on the wall as u pleased!! All the best Aida!

ellyWong said...

let us know when you have settled kat mesia nanti. sooo wanting to meet you kids!

hugss to mia and adam.

Unknown said...

i cant help but cried moment i scrolled down your entry, indeed it is very difficult to change environment, but u are one wonderful mommy that u'll get your kids adapt very well with condition here, especially when it comes to education, where all play school is charged, competetion to become the brightest is extremely tough, i pray all of u will get through it smoothly

MK said...

on the other guys will be here in malaysia!!! yay!! cuz i adore you aida. i dont know if we'll ever meet. but yeah, you know, just yeah ;) anyway i know its difficult. coincidently i'm also moving away out of state but luckily together with husband and my baby - that will make things better. so yep, i'm feeling you =)

Mamamarina said...

Im feeling u babe.. aku dah rase bile kene keluar dari rumah sendiri n start facing new change.. it was hard.. in fact.. aku menanges teruk mase pindah.. sgt ok.. really value the memories.. tp tu lah life.. just appreciate ape yang kite ade sekarang.

Nuruljannah BadrulHisham said...

owh my.. i cried when i read this.. sedih nya.. akak balik msia for good? y? all of sudden.. insyaallah, satu hr nti kite meet up eh kak.. lama dh jadi silent reader blog ni..

FaznFaz said...

welcome 'home'!!! yup, it's never easy right??? but home is where we stay together as a family.... that's what we keep tell each other...

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes you're right. it'll be good to own our own house...funnily enough, there are not that many scribbles by adam on the walls of this house..i gotta give adam credit for listening. mia on the other hand have made her marks in the shorter time she had in this house :)

hey how are you? yes definitely lets meet.

gosh i am rather nervous about facing all that..

yes we will! some grandparents are going to very happy :) i hope you're coping well with your move too..

that is so true. appreciate what we have. be mindful of the simple blessings that we have.

not really sudden. we have been expecting this for a while. adam on the other hand just found out a couple weeks ago...which is probably why it was hardest on him...

yes it's true..

Mrs-F said...

aida, i felt the same thing too when we have to move to saudi. I supposed Elana was the one impacted the most. Dekat dua bulan jugak la hari2 dia mengadap old pics kat PC and said that she missed her old home very much :( But a long the way she gets better. Hopefully adam will quickly adjusted to the new home as well :)

jahitbynadia said...

I just folllow ur blog...

selamat pulang ke malaysia...esok2 i pulak akan rasa macam mana yang u rasa kot..susahkan nak explain pada anak2 ni..
good luck in ur future..

nadia yaya said...

welcome back cutey adam and mia..
nway I am really admire you, really inspired me..hope to meet you and adam mia too..:)
have a safe journey then..:D

Anonymous said...

welcome back. Has Mia turned two yet? She is a very caring sister, and very matured for her age. I was touched to read how Mia tried to calm her brother down. And how kind the packers to stop packing, acknowledged how sad the kids were. This is a rare act-of-kindness to be seen here.

Emmachann said...


pity Adam, I hope he's doing OK by now, since you're already in Msia. Baiknya movers tuu!!

adrianathani said...

The best years of my life were in the UK, as a small child. To this day, I remember the smells, sights and sounds of our home there - the memories won't soon leave me :) hopefully Adam will, in time, look upon his memories in your home fondly!

p.s: a knitting meet-up is in order once you return!

Anonymous said...

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