Friday, December 16, 2011

Dress 1 : Yellow Dress

This dress is sort of a quick fix, because I already know by heart how to make it. Only I altered it a bit for fun. Come to think of it, a lot of things I sew are 'quick fixes'. Hmm. It's funny how I can knit slowly and leisurely, and yet when it comes to sewing I just want to

Let's have her stand up to see what the dress really looks like.

I added a sweet little apron, which is basically just a square-ish piece of fabric.

The bodice is peasant top style, chopped a little short. I like this style because it means no buttons or zippers - easy to sew and easy to put on the wriggly girl..

It looked like she was getting tired of photo taking...

and now she was literally saying "Dah!"

For the next dress, insyaAllah I will attempt to learn pattern drafting and draft a custom fit body draft for Mia and turn it into a dress. Goodbye quick fix! Wish me luck!


misha.w said...

cantiklah. pandai u jahit. :)

ellyWong said...

aida!!!! the baju is cute! n mia is gorgeous!!!! :D

jojoe said...

I'm ur new reader.. sukanya tgk ur sewing! Saya baru je nak berjinak-jinak.. eyeing a serger tapi belum beli lagi still pikir pikir pikir... can I email u psl jahitan ?..cant find ur email. frm wgsa maju,kl

thanks :)

yana lyana said...

alolo so comel...pandainyee jahit dress..cantik! :)


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