Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mia Amani - Natural Handmade Bodycare

All of my recent obsession with natural handmade products has finally come to this - the opening of my own online natural bodycare shop!

The products are basically the ones I have been making and enjoying with my family and friends. The recipes are true and tested and actually work. A lot of people have been expressing their interest in switching to natural products too, and I hope this shop will be a good source for that. I have a line of simple everyday products ready in the shop, and more to be introduced in time.

Please have a look at the shop, I hope you will enjoy it!


MK said...

Owh good luck aida! This is going to be like 'Malaysian Lush!'

yaya said...


Ina said...

wah! bestnya now i know kt mana nk dapat genuinely handmade body care :D

Safina said...

Love the lip balm Aida! InsyaAllah will buy more :)

Unknown said...

Natural Home made bodycare....Great. I do love it. Natural bodycare is better than chemical bodycare product. Thanks for sharing.
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