Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Make your own noodles

My kids tend to go through a whole LOT of homemade playdough. Yours too? How about we use that to our advantage and have them make their own lunch? hehe...

 The recipe is super simple. Only 2 ingredients. 500g of flour, and 5 eggs. Yup, that's it. Dump the flour into a huge bowl (pink bowl is a plus, obviously), make a hole and break the eggs into it. Mix it up. Knead. It makes a nice soft pliable dough. If you find it too wet, add a bit of flour. If too dry, add abit of water.

Then let the kids play with it. The longer you play with it, the better the dough will be.

Still playing the dough. Mia liked the texture so much that she asked for more the next day, just for playing.

Set your noodle maker on a floury table. I got ours from Giant, cheaply at around rm30+. It is very simple to use and the kids can operate it on their own. We were pretty much wrestling each other ( even me!) to get a turn to use the noodle maker.

When we're done this is what you get. Beautiful homemade noodles. Dry it on a kitchen towel.  You can use right fresh pasta right away or leave it to dry for a couple of hours, then keep it to use another day. It should keep for a week or two.

Freshly boiled pasta. Yum! It's a hit with the kids.

Oh, did I mention we go through a LOT of pasta too in this house?


MOMMYLIN said...

wow... great activity with kids kan...

Aan Andes said...

I like this idea!! Yes, my kids love playdoh too!! And I tak larat nak buat playdoh dah haha.. will use them to make noodle after this :D

Bettyfahmi said...

Inspired! will do this activity with my boy. Thanks for sharing! :)

atie lazis said...

Woow, bestnya..pasni leh try jugak la 'main' buat mee dgn kids..mak sy dulu pn ada mesin tu,masa kecik pernah beberapa kali tgk buat mak buat mee sendiri..sbb mak saya tak makan mee kuning jual kt kedai tu..hehe...tq for the ideas kak.aida :)

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