Wednesday, May 9, 2007

4th month check up

On Monday we went to the gynea for our monthly check up. Suddenly on the way there, actually dah sampai Ampang pun, I realized that our appointment was actually for Tuesday, not Monday! But luckily we were the earliest at the clinic so the nurse said she’ll fit us in whenever possible. We didn’t have to wait for very long.

This is the first time we saw Dr Fauziah. She turns out to be perfect. She’s a female, muslim (pakai tudung labuh lagi), nice and professional, talkative and also very thorough. During the check up she scanned my baby for a long time from every angle and recorded its movement. She took time to point out where’s the uri, the baby’s cord, head, legs, hands and heartbeat. She said masyaAllah and appeared to be as touched as we were when the baby turned and moved. She answered our questions, even when my husband asked her bila roh ditiupkan kedlm baby. She clearly explained what pills she will be giving me and why I need them. Overall I was very satisfied with the visit. She gave us a CD of the baby’s movement! Usually we just get a print out of a picture from the scan. Baby, now we can see you moving whenever we like! Afterwards we went to the lab to get my blood sample taken. I gained another kg, thank God. I was worried that my tummy seemed so small for a 4 month pregnant lady (nampak cam buncit je, bukan pregnant) but the doctor assured me that the size is as expected.

After the visit I was smiling for hours thinking about the baby’s movement and about how I lucky I am to be pregnant with this beautiful baby. I’m already 4 months now, already halfway and it feels like time is passing so quickly. Pregnancy is turning out to be such a magical experience. I think I will miss it a lot once it’s over. Next month’s check up, we’ll have a “Detail Scan” where we’ll scan each of the baby’s organs – kidney, liver, heart etc.

Baby, maybe next month you’ll tell us whether you’re a boy or a girl! I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

best kan tgk baby gerak2. baby kita tido je masa scan tuhari. huhu.

Anonymous said...

tak surprise aa tau laki pom..Baby,pakai suar..dah kuar baru bukak tau..huhu

aidafiqs adamia said...

mane tau baby tido ke tak tido?

ala buat surprise bulan depan jelah..lmbt sgt nak tunggu baby kluar..

Anonymous said...

haha. dia xgerak2 sgt. geliat je kejap2. gynae tu ckp "baby u tgh tido ni".


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