Friday, October 12, 2007

The Birth Story

Today marks the one week birthday and the supposed due date of my son.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

I noticed some spotting before Zuhur and Asar prayer. I called Dr Fauziah’s clinic for consultation. She asked if I was fasting. I said yes, so she told me to come to the labour rooms after breaking fast to have a check up to make sure everything’s ok. After Maghrib I almost didn’t go to the hospital because I was already tired and wanted to go to sleep. But my husband and my sister both insisted I go and that I might deliver tonight. I takde perasaan mcm nak beranak pun lg. Anyway my husband convinced me to go, dia kata ala sekejap je check, then kite balik.
Baru masuk nak check

CTG Machine
We reached the hospital around 9 pm. I was monitored with the CTG machine and a nurse checked my dilation. She said I was 1.5 cm dialated and to my surprise, she also told me the CTG results showed that I was already having contractions. She called my doctor. She came back in and told me I was to be warded straight away. So I tanya nurse,

I kene stay for observation la ye?

Takla, nanti kita masuk ubat..then you terus stay sampai beranak la nanti..

Oh my God.

She got me into the blue robe and that’s when reality sank in. This is it. I thought I would have some sort of instinctive feeling that would tell me the time has come. But no, the moment came sneaking on me. I started to panic. Nasib baik dear Hubby was there to calm me down.

The nurse gave me an “injection” up the butt to clear my bowels. At 12am, she inserted the vagina tablets to increase the contraction intensity.

Friday, 5 October 2007

The contraction pains came at around 1 am. They feel like period cramps, but they get more and more painful. Masa ni the nurses asked me to sleep tapi dah susah because of the pain. My husband lagi kesian, he stayed by my side sepanjang mlm, duduk atas kerusi je. The whole night I was put on the CTG machine. Benci betul, that thing terlalu ketat on my tummy, tambah contraction lagi, dahla takleh pusing kiri kanan takleh bangun..kene baring telentang which really hurts my lower back and makes the baby push even more on my ribs.

Hubby sleeping on the chair
At around 8.30am, Dr Fauziah came in to check on me. I was only 3 cm dialated after inserting the tablets 8 hours ago. She punctured my water bag. Oh my God, it was SO PAINFUL! Felt like the process lasted forever. I heard her keep saying “Sorry Darling, Sorry Darling”. I saw her taking out a looong stick – mcm lidi, and cucuk kat dlm tu! After that, bushhh!!! Kluar air melambak..

After that the contraction pain intensified. She said maybe it’s ok to take epidural because my dilation was taking so long. If I were to take it, it had to be done when I’m 3-4 cm dialated. I was thinking, 1.5cm increase pun ambik masa 8 hours, when will we reach 10 cm full dilation? Since it looks like this was going to be a very long labour I decided to take epidural. Turned out, best decision I ever made. Around 10 am, the anesthetist Dr Ooi came in to put the big needle in. Process was painful, but was nothing compared to the contractions I was feeling every 2 minutes. After that, no more cramps! I was also put on a drip to increase my contractions.

My dilation progressed really slowly. My gynea had to leave in the afternoon for a meeting, sbb dah lmbt sgt I tak beranak2 jugak. Another gynea, Dr Ariza replaced her. At around 4.30 pm, Dr Ariza came to check on me. I was only 5 cm dialated. She told me, let’s give it some more time. In 2 hours, if the dilation doesn’t increase up to 7-8 cm, we will need to proceed to c-section. The baby’s heartbeat has been steady before but it has started to increase. What?? C-Section?? I wasn’t ready for this!! Everything else was going well; my contractions dah kuat sgt tapi doctor pun taktau nape I tak dilate lagi. She told me nasib baik I amik epidural otherwise mmg dah tak mampu punya nak endure the long labour. The next 2 hours was excruciating for me. I was so scared and exhausted. My husband kept encouraging me.

To kak Fifah, at this point I thought of your advice about being prepared for emergency c-sect. Unfortunately, I remained blissfully ignorant despite your wise advice, sbb mmg tanak sgt operate.

Around 6.45 pm, a nurse came to do the VE. My dilation was 6 cm. Not good enough. Nurse said, takpe, kita buka dulu, lps ni kita check lagi for the last time before doctor dtg. Sedih betul masa ni,nampaknya mcm takde harapan je. Mmg tawakkal ajelah…

Close to 8 pm, lps buka puasa, a nurse came in. she checked me and…tara!! I was fully dialated! I don’t know how I went from 6cm to 10cm in about 1 hour. Mmg kuasa Allah..Alhamdulillah…

Dr Ariza was immediately called. I was put in position for pushing. Masa ni I dah letih dan mengantuk sgt2, and my body was shaking uncontrollably. But I was so happy because it was finally time. So I pushed and pushed with encouragements from my husband, 2 nurses and Dr Ariza. In about 15 minutes, Adam came into the world. Screaming. They put him on my tummy and I saw him for the first time. Comelnye anak Mummy…

After almost 24 hours of labour, at 8.26pm 5 October 2007, I became the proud mother of baby Adam Mikhael.

Adam kene suck

Adam ukur berat

Welcome to the World, Adam!


Anonymous said...

aida...seksa nya bunyi nyer..takut plak aku...hehe, anyway happy for you..congrates! bila la aku nak ready for baby plak. hmm

khayreena said...

aunty love u, adam!

Anonymous said...

congrats aida, u made it! heheh
baby looks very strong, mesti pandai main bola jugak nih, ye baby adam? ;)

Emmachann said...


bila baca ur entry ni somehow I felt that I am not ready enuff for a baby yet..haha..

btw, congratulations! ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

takpe..sakit skejap je..lps tu dah dpt gile..hehe.

Adam loves you too!

kaki tgn dia mmg kuat la. ade can jadi sportsman la..sukala bapak dia..

heard u're engaged. congratulationsss!!! Didn't think i was ready for a baby too, masa baru kawen..ingat nak wait a few years. bila dah ada baby ni.rase cam, should've made a baby earlier!

Anonymous said...

wah, your labour story is almost like mine! hmph, i tag your entry je lah. next time ada org tanya pasal my labour story, i suruh diorang baca entry nih..kekekeke. i'm too lazy to blog about it!

(no need to wonder who am i.ntah mcm mana i ter-jumpa blog u nih. hehe)

aidafiqs adamia said...

you have a blog?


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