Monday, February 11, 2008

Aquaria Trip

We went to Aquaria!!!!!

When Adam saw these turtles –

Lovely turtles caught my baby's attention

He made some very unfamiliar sounds – Woo! Woo! Woo!! Woo! Woo!!

Both of us were really surprised. Was he in pain? Was he crying?

Turned out he was just really really EXCITED. He just kept staring at the turtles and made that sound. I wished I had recorded it on video because it was so cute! None of the other fish/sea creatures was able to get that kind of reaction from him. Neither could I, no matter how hard I tried to pretend I’m a turtle.

Adam: huarrgh! ngantuk aa Mommy..

Adam, Daddy and a BIG Shark

Adam watching (sleeping) the show

Overall, Aquaria? Oklahh….I give it 3 stars out of 5…


Anonymous said...

haha soo cute!

bestnya jejalan.. bila ntah bole bwk hafiy jln2. so far.. FAIL!

ni br blk dr mall, dia nanges x berenti for more than 2hours!

neway bpr rate staff g aquaria? ke sama jer?

aidafiqs adamia said...

try using a sling/carrier..

sometimes Adam nangis gak kalau jalan pakai stroller sbb dah boring baring. but pegi Aquaria pakai carrier sbb leceh nak naik turun tangga etc...langsung dia tak nangis...

alamak i tak surela cos my husband pi beli tiket...

jard said...

salam! suka baca blog u..sebb i pun new mother:) can i add ur blog to mine? oh never been to aquaria... kena carik masa pegi nih :)

ainie aziz said...

salam perkenalan...just read ur blog...surprisingly ur baby is same age as my 3rd baby..and his name is also Adam. Adam Iskandar. Born on 6th Oct 2007. Anyway, welcome to mother's club (a lil bit late to wish).

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you for your kind comment =)
pls feel free to add my blog..i'd love to add your and other mommies blogs too but i ni buta IT sket...haha..tu yg my blog very simple..go on, menarik gakla Aquaria for kids..

ainie (kak?),
thank you for the welcome wish =)
comel2 la your kids..


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