Friday, February 15, 2008

My pumping gear

My pump gear has been changing a lot since I started work. It’s been improving with time as I discover/learn more things about pumping. In the beginning I used my Avent Isis pump, Avent thermal bag and 2 small Avent chiller. Basically mmg guna Out and About set la.

I found that the pump is not really for me, so I switched to Swing – read previous entry. The thermal bag became insufficient because I no longer have a fridge at work. So I switched to Fridge-To-Go. The Avent chillers from the beginning was causing problem because it wasn’t cold enough, small, and doesn’t keep for very long. So even with fridge to go I also use Techni Ice to keep my milk cool all day. And it works, even after more than 12 hours.

Just making this entry for any mommies who might be in a hurry to figure out a pump kit/equipment which works. For me, the combination of these gear has been excellent in making my pumping sessions efficient. It might change again in time, but for now I’m happy =)

The pump bag I got for free from Jusco when I bought some underwear. It’s large enough and kinda cute also ;) Fridge-to-Go I bought at a discounted price (rm 80 +) from Jusco Midvalley at the golf section. The drawstring bag came with the Swing pump. Agak convenient because boleh masuk byk barang (motor, tubing, containers, pump parts etc) and also doesn’t take up much room. The nursing cover is a God-sent because now I have to pump at the Surau which is used by many people. I ni kan pemalu……erk.

The milk shell is very good at keeping me dry and collecting milk. I only need one on the other breast while pumping. Via containers I like because nampak bersih dan kemas je my milk..hehe..and also easy to use..down side to these containers is that it takes up a lot of space in the fridge/freezer. The Swing pump I elaborated so much on in another entry – I LOVE this pump!!! My production has increased so much since I started using it !! (must go up to Medela’s HQ soon to claim my royalty). I bought this pump at The First Few Years in The Curve at rm 629. Surprisingly cheap compared to its price I saw on many websites. Pls buy yours there if you plan to. Ceh promosi lagi. Techni Ice I bought from shop in Bangi for rm 30. Cheap and works very well..

Other mommies, what's in your pumping bag?


aizuraawang said... come i beli kat tpt sama for RM699? alaaaaa...rugi rugi... :-p oh i love my swing! sgt2 senang nk bwk sana sini! Thx for sharing ur experience!

Anonymous said...

i dont have pumping bag. i just dump everything in my fridge2go:
1. my avent isis UNO pump set
- pump+motor+plug+battery pack(in case neede)
2. some bottles (usually 3 bottles)
*i like this cos only i beg fits all. hehe.

i dont have nursing cover so usually i pump in my telekung kalo time solat. i try to pump 3 times : 9.00am, 12.30pm (solat zhuhur) & 3.30pm (solat asar)so lepas/before solat terus on. hehe.

iL4na said...

sama laa brg2 kita aida yg dibawa ke ofis. but i dont hv the nurse cover coz i lock the server room for mysef to pump. additional brg is a tupperware to sterile my stuff right b4 pakai. mmg gedabak kan beg susu hihi. ofis x de peti ais ke? mintak boss laa..semua pantry kena ada. support breastfeeding! im educating MY boss to invent a BF room mcm shell house.

ellyWong said...

i'm taking note ni. thanks aida for putting this up. :D

aidafiqs adamia said...

you bought a Swing too?Congratsss!! hehe..yes the price tag there says rm699 but i was lucky because there was a sale at the time =)

so efficiently everything in the f2go. just curious, mane you letak the pump once the containers are filled up - so dah penuhla the f2go..maybe your f2go bigger than mine..

ade one peti ais but the pantry jauh plus the peti ais so small. everyone uses the small one. i'm not too certain of the hygene la..easier pakai f2go..i wish there's a bf room..bestnye..

congrats!! she's beautiful =)

Anonymous said...

a ah mine is bigger. i saw the same as urs ms nk beli tu tp i chose yg bigger hehe.

Anonymous said...

hi aida..been reading your blog for quite sometimes (thanks to farah for introducing it to me :))..very useful tips..hehe

My pumping bag (or box to be exact)...i used a coleman, nampak macam org nak pi memancing la gak...sampai jaga tegur, nak pi mancing ke dik...hehehe...put everything in, avent isis uno, breast shield, napkin, 4 botol avent...luckily my company ada sediakan mother's room lengkap dengan fridge and thermal pot, sofa, sink, meja :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama arif,
tq for reading =) err...who's farah eh? farah dezek ke? you keje company mana ni...bestnye ade mother's room...

Anonymous said...

yup...farah dezek la...
i'm working ngan motorola and rasanye byk multinational companies kat penang ni ada sediakan mother's room...actually, dulu2 mmg takde, tapi ada la org2 yang mintak kat HR suruh sediakan mother's room...maybe you can do the same kat HR you, minta sediakan bilik khas utk ibu2 yang breastfeeding, but make sure ada sokongan ramai org la...kalau tak sure diaorg buat tak tau je...kalau ada geng kat HR lg senang utk dia cadangkan kat bos dia :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama arif,
good idea..mmg ade a few breastfeeding mommies here..maybe i can suggest to the management..thanks for the tip..


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