Friday, December 12, 2008

Adam @ 14 months

I just realized I’ve forgotten to make a post on Adam’s development at 14 months. And what a month it has been!

He has learned to play ball! Now when given a ball to play with he’ll attempt to kick it or pull it with his legs..sometimes pick it up to throw..then chase after it again..his Daddy la paling happy about this new development…hehehe

He loves to dance. I don’t know how he learned this. He bends his knees repeatedly and moves his upper body. It looks really funny! Oh I must get a video..if there’s an audience clapping and encouraging him to dance he’ll joget even more long after the music stopped. In fact he doesn’t need the music..just tell him, “Adam joget?” Or “Adam dance?” And he starts dancing (when he’s in the mood for it) he really understands a lot of words we say now..

He knows what a key is and how to use it. Whenever he gets a set of keys in his hands, he will pick one and aim it at a door, trying to reach up to the keyhole/knob. Once I caught him trying to use the key on a set of drawers, after finding himself unable to reach the doorknob..

“pok pok” apparently is his cue for clapping his hands. I always sing “pok pok” (bujang lapok? Except I change the lyrics as I like) sambil tepuk2 him and nursing him to sleep. Now anyone says pok pok and he just automatically clap..and also do a high 5 if you offer him a hand.

Always respond happily when someone says Chip!Chip! or ask him “mana bird?” or “Where’s bird?”and he will point…somewhere. Up or to a tree if we’re outside and anywhere he fancies if we’re inside.

Sometimes demands to be bathed while standing. Takmau babytub. Berdiri tepi tub dia sambil kite simbah2 air pun jadiklah..Mandi petang he loves the most because we let him mandi cold running water yg melimpah keluar mcm waterfall…he will be so happy sampai kaki joget2 like happy feet..licin jatuh pun dia tak kisah…

He loves to be read to. He demands it over and over again. And he will point to the words/pictures as I read. Nowadays I often catch him ‘reading’ to himself, making up stories and pointing to the objects in the book. I can just imagine what kind of stories he must be making up. Tunggula nanti bila dia dah boleh berckp…haha..

Pandai main handphone. In the past he just put it in his mouth. Now he ‘operates’ it. Delete some of my contacts…write someone..check internet..changing the language to Chinese (?)..switch the hp on and off…and if I’m calling someone he knows I normally switch to speaker so he can join in the conversation. He will snatch the phone off my hand and put to his ear…kene je gaya mcm org on the phone..

Pandai main remote. Dari dulu mmg suka main tapi skang gaya power giler…kene je gayanye…hahaha…tuka channel, kuatkan volume..sometimes attempts to buy Astro BoxOffice? Even I pun taktau how to do that…

He loves the Norris Club advert! You know the one “Norris club teman sekolah anda yg lengkap!”. Ade animated cartoon of the globe which he thinks is cute kot…bila dia dgr je iklan tu..terus pegi check out TV, dahtu tersengih2 sensorang. Habis je iklan, angkat kaki buat keje lain…I don’t get what’s the attraction..hahaha…

He cannot sit still for one second! Except when sleeping and watching the Quran being read (on Oasis) early in the morning. Other than that mmg he’s always on the move..always trying to do something..always trying to climb something..always has a potentially dangerous project in mind! Adoi….honestly…I can’t catch up sometimes…I just let him be…he will come back to me when he’s ready…but he wants me to be around and paying attention to him, and not doing anything else…

He likes to take off my glasses and then korek my nose or his own nose with hujung spec tu…dahtu laugh like crazy…hahaha…

Adam, Adam…you never fail to surprise and entertain us with your antics…Life is never boring with you around =) Love you so much baby….muahs! Happy 14 month birthday!


Anonymous said...

ehehe..seronok kn tgk perkembangn bby dia...geram jer..

Pakcik Perut Buncit said...

Dear Adam,


Unknown said...

oohh adam..

u're such a big boy now..aunty miss u and ur mommy a lot!!

Marsha~ said...

comelnya adam.. mesti terkedek2 kejar bola...

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

Daddy Adam dah ade akademi sendirila..adam captain...hehe..uncle nak join?

lets meet up soon! i miss you and i have something important to tell i want to touch your bump! haahhaha..

mmg terkedek2...lawak je tgk...


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