Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple Living - Homemade Shampoo

When i learned about simple living, i realised that the key to simplifying would be to take small steps which are not overwhelming but will in turn lead to other things. I researched and i thought that the first step that is most appealing and most reachable are homemade shampoos. i was already running out of shampoo at the time and i thought, why not make my own?

This website has good information on how you can chuck your commercial shampoos and why it is better for you and the environment.
This is the recipe i use to replace shampoo;

Homemade Shampoo
1 tablespoon sodium bicarb
1 cup warm water
i normally make enough to fill up the bottle above and keep it in the bathroom. will last me about 3-4 washes. otherwise you can take a tablespoon bicarb in your hand in the shower and just make a paste with warm water and work it through your hair with your fingers. the mixture feels slippery in your hair, but doesn't make suds though, unlike normal shampoos, but this is ok since you do not actually need the bubbles to get your hair clean. after rinsing your hair will feel really clean, like squeaky clean. i got the sodium bicarb from a local bakery items shop for rm3+ per kilo. i also found about a million other uses and benefits of bicarb but i don't remember which website, i will update later on bicarb.

i also use a homemade conditioner rinse afterwards.

Homemade Conditioner
1 table spoon Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
1 cup warm water
use about the same amount as the shampoo. sometimes i use the conditioner, sometimes i don't. but with conditioner my hair feel softer and smoother, just like normal conditioner la. the mixture smells like diluted vinegar, which i don't like but after rinsing smells just apple-ly, which is ok by me and doesn't smell after it dries. you can add some essential oil if you like to this rinse. i don't have any and i just go without.

this website has great information on ACV and its many health benefits and usage around the house. i got the ACV for rm5+ per bottle from Cold Storage. they have a good selection of ACV.

Testimony: after using these homemade haircare routine for 3-4 months, i am loving it. in the beginning not so much because my hair was getting rid of all the accumulating old commercial shampoos, and getting back to its natural state. once i get pass that stage, my hair feel softer and natural, i love it! don't miss my old nasty chemicals-filled shampoos and conditioners at all! i do however have problems with dandruff which i've always had even when i used anti-dandruff shampoos. i noticed that if i went without washing my hair with the above routine more than 3 days then i start to get dandruff. if i wash at least every 2 days i should be ok. next step is i want to try using full force ACV treatment since it is suggested to get rid of dandruff.

recently i have started Adam on this routine too. his hair looks soft as normal too. maybe one day my hair will reach that natural baby-soft hair again...??hehehe...

back to nature...i'm loving it! you guys can try it too! plus it is sooooo frugal! imagine, for the above, i've only spent rm 3+ for bicarb and rm 5+ for ACV and free recyled bottles. and with that, i have enough supplies to make shampoos for the next...1 YEAR probably! imagine how much money i'm saving on not buying commercial, i know my hair is cleaner and i'm doing my hair and the environment some good by saving them from nasty chemicals!


Mommy Lyna said...


bole try nih

jimat duet ahahahha

Anonymous said...

very good idea...jimat lak tu...n chemical free..tq for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks! tak tau pun boleh buat shampoo sendiri. nnt boleh cuba la.

thank you again!

Anonymous said...

this is great, aida..
akak dah start use own beg for groc,
now kena try this one plak.. thanks for sharing!

Ernie Khairina said...

for dandruff? T_T

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

i read sumwhere that sodium bicarb (they use it to to make soaps and shampoos mostly) is actually not good ..err..some sort of antara punca confirm is that statement? since ko rajin nak research2 ni..hehe

Pakcik Perut Buncit said...

Saudari Aida,

Saya tak berminat terhadap shampoo.
Tapi ini yang bermain-main dipikiran saya. Saya nak tanya ni.. Y.B Adam Mikhael dah ada Akademi bola sepak sendiri? Captain? Siapa Coachnya? Ada yang lebih layak dari Uncle ni :(

Kenapa reject Football Academi Uncle?
Adam.. Uncle miss U!

Anonymous said...

aida,one thing i learned when i lived in japan for years that japanese mmg sgt suka guna sodium bicarb ni in their everyday lives.
-can be use as housecleaning detergent. toilet, kitchen , bathroom you name it!just sprinkle some on the dirty spots n rub away.they also prevent kitchen sink /toilet blockages.
-also as a deodorizer、put it in an open bottle or container and place in the room, fridge, shoe racks, or kitchen and they can last nearly half a year!
aada banyak lagi tapi takleh nak recall skang. nway keep it up !

aidafiqs adamia said...

tryla...jimat sgt2..

kak fathin,
glad to know we're both making small changes to help the environment. after a while those small changes will add up, i'm sure =)

for dandruff you can use undiluted ACV on your scalp as treatment before you wash your hair. i've tried this only once. i'll write more once i see results can read the links i gave for more tips for dandruff ..contoh mcm add tea tree oil, which i don't tak try lagi..

i think you have sodium bicarb confused with SLS and SLFS (sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate) - these are the actual ingredients used in your shampoos and other detergents to make foams. they are eye and skin irritants and potentially carcinogenic. sodium bicarb is actually Baking Soda! alah yg pakai dlm buat kek's completely safe for you to eat =)

pakcik kene buat anak dulu la kalau nak buat akademi kanak2...hehehe..baru saya kasi permission adam join ok?

yes! bicarb is amazing! i use it for the purposes u mentioned, and also other things too! i will blog later about its other uses...thanks yumyum!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

haah la aida..aku maksudkan SLS..hahahaha ..sed tak..otak karat ..anyway, keep it up..nk try lah..spent too much money on bende yg 'pakai habis' ni every month..geram betul..

Anonymous said...

Mintak mahapla ye, Adam dah registered in Arsenal Football Academy, coachnye Daddynye sendiri, lagipun Chelsea kan kalah dgn Arsenal ari tu..hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

aida, apple cider ni nak cari kat area mana. i cari kat jusco, kat tmpt jual vinegar tak de apple cider. heheh

fusherna said...

bestnye..nak try la..
mcmana rupe AVC tu? leh amik gambar x ..x le nak imagine..TQ

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Anonymous said...

Terima kasih atas perkongsiannya,
Saya ambil perkongsiannya sahaja lain tiada.


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