Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Girls Day Out

Today my husband took Adam to a tennis match with his friends and gave me the day off! I was so excited but wasn't really sure where to go...he said..pegilah tgk wayang ke..get your hair done ke..creative jugak my husband ni..great suggestions..we have only been to the cinema once since I gave birth to Adam, can you believe it? But haircut pun sounds good jugak...he said, alah, just do both..mula2 gi tgk wayang, pastu pi saloon..fuh! I knew I married you for a reason! Muahs!

So I called up my friend..her husband is going to the tennis match as well so I figured she must have the day free too..we had a girls day out today!huhu!

First we checked out the cinema but it turns out no interesting movies are showing..Twillight is showing but very late in the day about 5pm..

So we went to a spa! (treatments ape rahsia...hehe) best....and then after that still have time before the boys came back so we went to a saloon! I got a great haircut..and my friend had her eyebrow shaped and threading for her face...

hehe...mmg girly activities betul today! It's been so long since i went out with a girlfriend and just had some girly fun...hehe..balik rumah both of us perasan pretty...haha..

To my husband - you are the BEST husband in the world! muahs!

Adam? apparently he behaved sooo well during the 3-4 hours tennis match! I'm impressed! sampai tanak balik tu....on the way back my husband called me soh ckp ngan Adam ajak dia balik..I told him pls come home Mommy miss you..barulah dia kata OK...hehehe..


Unknown said...

hehe, best kan jadi girl? bole buat aktiviti2 cumill yg best! i like your phrase "balik rumah perasan pretty". hahha..akupun selalu je perasan gitu.. especially lps buat new haircut ;)

Ernie Khairina said...

bestnye perasaan perasan hehe (ape aku cakap ni) adam comelnye taknak balik, mcm tak caya je..

Anonymous said...

just to say.. i love reading ur blog.

farah said...

aida, apsal tak ajak...boleh kenal2an gitu....i pon in dire need of spa treatment nih...hehe

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

i love girly activities, esp when u do it with the girls!

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg best jadi girl!hehe

dia mmg kaki jalan pun...

thank you :)

wah...lg ramai lg time kalau ade girls day out lg i ajak you k...hehe

ape lagi..buat gathering bbm ke spa la pulak pasni...hehe


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