Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Booties

I've been on a little sewing/knitting break recently because i ran out of fabric and i've only been sewing with scraps..

these booties are great. they were my first sewing project ever! dulu i made a pair for Adam, handsewn! because at the time i didn't have a sewing machine yet, but i really wanted to start sewing. After sewing a pair of these booties, i was hooked! so you can say they have sentimental value, sort of. You can get the pattern here. They only use small scraps of fabric, and they make great gifts too.

For these booties I quilted the soles using 2 layers of cotton and a layer of fusible fleece. The result turned out great tapi lecehnya nak quilt bende kecik ni....sib baik bila jadik nampak cute..

I just received some happy mails yesterday and today filled with gorgeous fabric and yarns. Can't wait to start sewing/knitting them!

GDM update: After pricking myself a few times, it goes more smoothly and easier now. tak sakit sgt dah. Today I was at the children center when I had to do a test. Adam kept checking if i'm still at the sink, lps tu sambung main balik. My results today alhamdulillah, within the target...

for Zue, my diet today -
breakfast cereal with milk + cup of coffee . I'm allowed to use sweetener instead of sugar.
lunch salmon pasta
dinner curried mince meat wrapped in pitta bread
snacks fruits and yogurt

basically biasa2 je kan dietnye...oklah..i don't feel deprived or anything. cuma kadang2 teringat Sneakers..hehe


Unknown said...

dot, Alhamdulillah your result dah ok. hopefully makin okla and boleh deliver normal. oohh..i love those booties. nak try buatla since u said bole je jahit tgn ek?(don't know how to use a machine!)Lagipun susah sgt nak cari booties utk muizz. boy mmg tak byk choice, semuanye piiinnnkkkk aje. hehe,gerammmm.. :)

Anonymous said...

aida mcm mane nak dptkan design jahit tgn in term of size? senang ke nak buat?

yumyum said...

yelah, i think its easier to handsew this booties , haritu buat terkial2 sbb too tiny! but the cuteness is all worth it. LOL

Ernie Khairina said...

very cute! alhamdulillah aida..and comel sgt yg adam kept checking u, hehe concern tau adam =)

aidafiqs adamia said...

try ah..masa aku first buat tu..aku gunting je kain2 perca mana2..dr baju2 yg dah tak pakai...

to sew by hand just use the exact same size.ikut je same tutorial. you can get the pattern from the link.senang je nak buat..

tulah, one swear word came out actually masa i buat booties ni..hehe...kecik sgt..leceh part elastic tu esp..jahit pakai tgn lagi senang kot, tapi malas...hehe

mmg he's very protective of me..hehe

Anonymous said...

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~Mommy ZuE~ said...

ohh thanx aida..terharu lah..hehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

aida..mmg everything yg u buat sume cantikla..
actually i mmg slalu jengok your blog sal mmg sgt2 suka ngan sume yg berunsurkan seni jahitan. Thanks pasal bg link website yg berkaitan. Website tu mmg sgt2 berguna. Fabrics kat oversea mmg cantik2 la..kat Mesia susah sgt nak dpt. Nak tak nak kena gak order dr oversea baru puas hati. Btw I dah hampir sgt nak beli janome harmony 2409 yg u pakai tu hehe..dah lama mengidam. Wpun takde projek lg tp nak beli gak hehe..I baru kumpul wool felt konon nak buat applique haha..tgk aje la nnt.Janome tu bleh buat appliques kan? Senang tak?


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, thanks share the link.
i think i have to start one, jahit pakai tgn dulu,
prove kat Mr Papa, baru lah leh dapat hadiah mesin jahit pastuh kan..
btw, im on cadbury and sneakers everyday masa pregnent rayyan, till now. and rayyan skrg is a chocolateholic.. pantang dgr bunyi wrapper or anything wrap with gold, mcm tau2 je..

aidafiqs adamia said...

no prob..

kat sini pun actually taklah byk option fabric, kat US yg byk. ?My fabrics pun i order online from US..janome tu boleh wat applique, tp i jarang gak guna...

kak fathin,
a'ah cubalah jahit pakai tgn dulu...sedapnye sneakers and cadbury..tak sabar nak habis pantang nak start mkn balik...uwaaa...

Zaila Mohamad said...

Aida, Zaila dah tak tahu nak komen apa dah selain "cantiknya"..hehehehe..btw, semoga selamat segalanya..btw, you deliver kat sana ek?? tak mahu balik Malaysia ke??

tuty said...

comel la pink booties. i like making booties. in fact i started doing baby's stuff after i read your entry utk booties adam dulu.

cadbury.. hmmm i curi2 mkn i small bar masa MC before bersalin. seb baik tak pengsan. glucose level shoot up very high, very quick. :P

lepas dah bersalin, tak de pun nak sgt mkn those sweets. lg pun skrg dah start jaga mkn since risiko nak dpt diebetes lebih tinggi.

Rayhana said...

salaam aida,

wahhhh so cuteeee...! mashaa Allaah

hmm, kalau nak buat sendiri (hand sew la.. no sewing machine..) what can i use? yang simple2? alamak..interfacing tu apaaaa :p

aidafiqs adamia said...

tanak bersalin kat msia..nnt my hubby takleh ikut...tak best...wlaupun takut nak bersalin kat sini..tapi least husband and adam ade..

really wish i boleh curi2 mkn gak...hehe

trylah! interfacing tu kite boleh iron onto the back of the fabric (to make it stiffer/more stable) you don't have to use it if you don't have it...dulu masa i first buat i tak guna pun. but if you want you can buy interfacing from any sewing shop.ask for 'facing' yg iron on, jgn beli yg sew-on. they are sold in meters usually.kaler dia mcm white fiber (sometimes black pun ada).goodluck!

cicayanki said...
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