Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Mia - The Birth Story

Thank you so much everyone for you lovely comments and well wishes...I am back at home now..both Mia and I are doing well, alhamdulillah...I think I better write down my labour story first of all, before I start to forget it :) ok this story is probably going to be long-winded and gross so any male readers should probably stay away. But it might be helpful for those expecting to be a mother soon...i found a lot of inspiration reading other people's birth story shortly before my own labour...

Wed, 20 Jan 2010Bold

As you know I went for the membrane sweep in the afternoon. When i came home, i started to feel a permanent cramp, like period pain, and then mild contractions. At this point they were not painful, but they were coming continuously throughout the day and night. Somehow both me and my husband started feeling like this is it! I was strangely calm, feeling happy and relaxed. I browsed the internet reading other people's birth stories..After putting Adam to bed, i continued sewing as usual, making my nursing pads (i can't believe i forgot to make them earlier, too busy making Mia's dresses..hehe). We went to bed late as usual, around 2-2.30am.

Thursday, 21 Jan 2010

6am - 10.30am
I started feeling real contraction pains at 6am, and coming regularly about every 15mins. I couldn't go back to sleep anymore so I got up, performed my subuh prayer, checked the internet while trying to finish my nursing pads some more. Every contraction was really intense and painful by this point, I was already bending over in pain, but in between contractions i felt just fine like normal. I put on my Tens machine and drank air selusuh made by my husband. My husband called our friend Feroz who lives nearby to come over to pick up Adam.

Adam was so funny though when he saw me in bending in pain...he tried to hug me..give me a kiss..then he said 'Baby, baby' i don't know how he knows the pain is related to the baby..then later he imitated me..dia pun bend over and whimpered...pastu gelak...hish..

When the contraction becomes around once every 5 mins, I called the labour ward. Coincidentally, the midwife who did my membrane sweep picked up the phone. When i told her my name, she said, 'hey it's it worked!'. She told me to come when contractions are about 1 every 4 mins. Feroz came, and Adam went with him very willingly, happy to go play with Uncle..Alhamdulillah..Around 10.30am we took a cab to the hospital. The route was a bit jammed and i think the taxi driver was a bit nervous when he saw that i was in labour..hehe..

10.30am - 12pm

We arrived at the labour ward and the first thing they asked for were my maternity notes. My notes! We forgot to bring my notes! My husband had to go back home to pick it up...I waited in the waiting area by myself..i think they were busy at the time and didn't call to check on me..When my husband came back, I was still waiting there. Soon they called us in and a midwife, Lucy, checked me. She did a VE, and she said I was already 5cm. She said she'll transfer me immediately to a labour room. I was quite surprised when I heard I was already 5 cm, but I'm relieved that it's real labour, not false alarm. Lucy left for a while, and I was slightly screaming in pain when my contractions came. I heard one of the midwives called out 'Lucy!! where are you??transfer her quickly, i think she's quite far along now!'. Soon Lucy came, gave me a gown to change into and took us to Labour Room 3.

12pm - 4pm

As we enter the labour room, another midwife, Juliet took over my care. She put me on the CTG machine, asked me to take sips of water. She gave me the ethonox gas and showed me how to use it if I needed to. You're supposed to breathe in throughout the contractions. I tried to give it a go, but I found that it didn't really help, just made me feel high and dizzy after the contraction is over. During the contraction itself, no help whatsoever to ease the pain. Same thing with the Tens machine, it's really good in between contractions, it feels like getting a constant massage for my back, but during contractions, i cannot feel the pulse from the machine at all, because the pain is too overwhelming. After trying the gas a few times, I decided not to use it at all. Now I realised that the pain I had when I had Adam was nothing compared to this one. I was in labour a long time, but the opening was slow and at 3-4 cm I already had epidural. So this time around I get to experience real labour pains. On God it was horrible...I cannot even describe it..I guess you just have to experience it..Thank God my husband was supporting me through every contractions...that is the kind of effective pain relief you cannot get elsewhere..tq sayang..i really appreciate it..

They kept me on the CTG machine because the baby's heart rate seemed to be higher than it should be. Juliet called a doctor in to check, and he said maybe try hydrating me instead, cos dehydration might've caused the baby's heart rate to rise. If that doesn't work then maybe they will break my water. I was then put on IV to get hydrated. At 2 they were going to do another VE and maybe break my water.

After a while, Lucy went out for lunch and another midwife came in to replace her, Martina. Oh, Martina was an angel God must've sent for me. She was really kind and every contraction, she came to my side (my husband on the other side) held me and massaged my lower back and spoke softly 'You're doing so well...just breathe your shoulders...' It really helped. When another lady in the labour room next door was screaming and crying she told me ' See? you're doing so great..that lady is only having contractions 1 in every 5're having a lot more contractions than that and yet you're so quiet'.

Martina was going to do my VE at 2 but then she said another lady is in the operation room and if anything goes wrong after she broke my water then they won't be able to take me to the operation room. So they decided to wait. After a while it looks like the baby's heart rate is ok.

At around 4pm, Juliet came back and said she'll do a VE to check me and maybe break my water as well. It has now been 4 hours after my last VE at 5cm so they expected that I may have dilated a lot by now. So she did the VE and....I was only 6cm dilated! What???after all of that pain!!! only 6cm??? Martina had to leave at this point too, because Juliet is back...I was really depressed much longer was this labour going to take I thought...Juliet broke my water..I didn't want them to, because I still remember how painful it was when my water was broken with Adam...but this time it didn't hurt at all...tibe2 je bush! kluar air...Juliet said it's because this time my opening is already big so it doesn't hurt...


Right after my water was broken, the pain intensified immediately to a level that...oh God..I didn't think I could bear it...and the contraction came one on top of another with barely any rests..even in between contractions it still felt painful..i can no longer feel the Tens was awful...I heard Juliet said during one of my contractions 'Give her the gas' and I said ' where's the gas, where's the gas' At this point I was desperately trying to find any relief my husband held the gas out for me and I breathed in and out..I know it didn't really help with the pain but it gave me something to do...I bite down hard on the gas nozzle and breathed in the gas deep...and after the contraction goes down it made me feel high and sleepy and numbed the exhaustion...

I already felt like pushing...but i was confused..I was only 6cm can i feel like pushing already...I told Juliet..she said good..maybe you're close now...First tried really hard not to push, because i remember reading other people's birth story that you're always told NEVER to push unless you're already 10 cm right? But it was really hard not to push while trying to bear the pain as well..I asked Juliet, 'I should try not to push right?' she said 'No, push a bit if you feel like it...just do what your body tells you' eh...what?do what my body tells me? biar betul....tak terkoyak ke nanti? apsal org lain were told not to push pulak..dahla aku baru 6 cm ni...

But i decided to follow Juliet's advice..just push a I can't stand the urge to push anymore..around 4.30pm (it was only half hour after after my water was broken) Juliet was out of the room..I was desperate at this point..I told my husband where is she??? I really feel like pushing big time husband push the button to call the midwives..another older midwife came in and had a look..she called out, 'Juliet, do you want me to steal your delivery?She's ready!' Juliet told me to open up so she could have a look..she said, yep..the baby's head is there, you can start pushing now' I was like..what? really?? 'Are you sure??don't you have to check if i'm already 10 cm before i push?just now i was only 6cm' She said 'yeah, i already checked just now, you're ready! Before it was just your water that was obstructing the opening'. Wow, i couldn't believe it...

So the pushing process God, the horrible pain, plus the hardwork of trying to push...i wasn't allowed to scream..because Juliet said screaming will lose the energy..but it was hard not to scream..sakit felt like i was pushing forever...just when I was ready to give up....

Mia came out!

Juliet said the time was 4.43pm..what??punyalah lama rasenye push, rupanya 15 mins jer..Alhamdulillah....I saw her...she was so tiny...Juliet said, shall I wipe her..I said it's ok, you can put her on me...I held her...oh, she's husband said, wow alhamdulillah she's fair, not dark like him..hehe..she looked like Adam actually, except fairer..

Juliet clamped the cord and let my husband cut it..she then delivered the placenta..I needed a couple of stitches she said..because when Mia came out, she pushed one hand out quickly and that caused a small tear..She gave me an injection, local painkiller, before stitching me up. The needle itself i didn't feel..but while stitching she touched the sore area around it...itu yg sakit...but I had Mia in my arms already by this time..anything was surely worth it to have this precious baby in my arms..

After that my husband took Mia and read Azan to her...oh it was a beautiful moment...then Mia had her first breastfeeding session...alhamdulillah...

I fell in love again...This is the moment I have been waiting for...nothing compares to it...

Juliet took Mia, weighed her, she weighs 2.84 kg (Adam was 2.74kg). She cleaned her up..just wiped her with cotton and water..she asked my husband to take out Mia's clothes..she put them on and wrapped her in the swaddling blanket I made for her...then she handed her back to me...

So that's it...that's Mia's birth different from Adam..I'm so glad I decided not to use I get to experience what labour pain is like...alhamdulillah not every woman gets to have it..


ida ahmad said...

Wut a story. Tq for sharing. Tahniah for a wonderful baby and great experience. Takut plk dgr cita u. Huhu. I'm still dun have any contraction after membrane sweep this morning. Guess it didn't work at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I've never read such birth story like this. Sampai meleleh air mata.*sob sob*.

It's true, not every woman gets to experience the real pain of labour. I myself pun tak pernah (had csect with drF dulu).But after reading your story, my head goes "nak epi ke tak nak nanti?"

Nway, congrats again and take care of yourself.


Ernie Khairina said...

the best entry...mmg tergambar setiap words, proud to be a woman.
congrates both of you and adam too. nak tgk gmbr2 baby Mia , nnt upload ok..nampak kuku dia dah panjang, putih macam ko.
cant wait my turn pulak..tak sabar!

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah, you're doing well with baby Mia..
Salute to you, holding up the pain without any drugs. You're such a strong woman, babe! Meh sini aku hug sikit.. hehe

How's Adam? camne masa dia first time tgk Mia? dia mesti nak hug and kiss mia kan? i know he will be a very good brother. i know how he's so protective of you all this while; lepas ni dia boleh jadik bodyguard Mia pulak :)
xoxo from me to you, adam and mia!

cutiecaliph said...

fuh..i pun teringat the pain when reading your next one in 2 weeks time iAllah..oh really rpay to ALlah to ease everything..congrates dear!btw juliet tu student midwive ke?awat ade 'steal' delivery plak?apa2 pun semuanya dah selamat..alhamdulillah!!

Anonymous said...

congrats aida n taufik on ur newborn!!!good luck for ur confinement plak...hehe..-izza-

Ms J said...

congratss aida...what a beautiful gegirl....sronoknyaaa....nama pon sdap.....great experience kan labour dah xnak beranak dah ms tgh jahit esoknya...rasa nak lagi...dan lagi...ehehhe...

Anonymous said... mia looks so pinkish...mcm pakai blusher dgn lipgloss....congrats aida....

tuty said...

ur birth story reminded me aidan's birth. i was stuck for a long time after dilated 6cm. i was, "hah?? punya la sakit?".. kan? and it was my first real labor, sbb dulu i opted for pethidine.

yea, my midwife pun advise 'push a bit', lagipun mmg rasa mcm nak push, except masa baby dah start nak kluar mmg tak tertahan punya nak push, and kita push sendiri tak paksa2.

whoaa.. mcm tak nak bersalin lagi. but i want baby girl la. :P

the swaddling blanket, so sweet. i know u sew it even before you mentioned it.

mesti ada mittens and booties yg akan di-showcase-kan ni. i shall wait for more entries. hmm lovely~!

Mommy Lyna said...

Tanak try waterbirth plak? U have 2 yrs m0re to go kn? Ahaks.

rOse said...


Im happy for u Aida. The real pain ever and not all woman gets to have it right? Very the true.

Nak menangis lak baca entry ni sebab happy sgt. Terasa mcm dekat sngt with u and family.

Moga cepat sembuh.

Rajin2la surfing lagi nk tau what DOs and DONTS during confinement ok.

Take care always.

Muach3 for baby MIA.

aidafiqs adamia said...

what happened after your sweep?takde contractions? but it's true that it doesn't work for everybody...when r u due?goodluck ok...

mmg sakit but totally worth it..try it ;)

your turn will come soon ernie..taktau nak ckp camne bestnye..nanti taufik dah ade pics aku letak k..

tq for the hug :) betullah, first time tgk mia adam terus nak kiss..hehe

cutie caliph,
my prayers for you..may you have a smooth delivery ok..tak, juliet tu midwife..yg 'steal' tu dia saje wat lawak je...soh juliet tu cpt sikit dtg kat i...

thanks!weh..ko ape citer aa???

betul sebijik mcm u ckp..masa tgh sakit/jahit tu rase sudahla cukup 2org anak..tapi bila dah sudah tu...tgk mia...kiss mia..rase mcm mana cukup 2..nak lagi dan lagi..

a'ah..dia mmg pink baby la..baju2 dia pun dahla semua pink2..hehe

apelagi..pregnant lagi soranglah...girl pulak...hehe..takde dah projek menjahit pasni..rehat husband kata toksahler menjahit dulu..hehe

ingat nak gak try dulu...kat birth centre..tapi sbb dah diabetes..tak dptla..hai rehat dulula..sorang je kot baby london..hehe

thank you dear...dptla i merasa jaga anak girl pulak..mcm you..

Hada Masayu said...

aida azni...congratulation babe, 4 yr new born baby mia!!! :) ...great experience, i can imagine, girl sronok sgt, especially girlie2 things are so much out there, yg mmg xbole thn diri sniri nak beli utk baby :) ...Baby Hani Adriana kem slm kat Mia Amani...:)

yumyum said...

owh aida this post made me cringe recalling the pain that i had to go through with Ayra. ahahaha
but its all worth it isnt it?
take a good care of yourself mommy, sewing can wait :D
pray for your speed recovery!

eedchan said...

congrats again aida!!

don't worry, mia will definitely grow up as beautiful as the mommy... :)....

mirah said...

tahniah on the newborn baby girl!
i've been reading ur blog but silently before, anyway cant resist to comment upon ur new baby.
Take care.

Auni said...

congrats aida! sangat comel! rasa takut pulak baca cerita u in labour ni.huhuu~

ummi said...

tahniah kak aida....hehehe...
pengalaman akak mmg saye lak yg akan dok baca je nnt....preparation... ;)

Unknown said...

adoi dot..
aku plak yg dok terkepit2 terasa sakit. hehe..betul, dlm labour room rs lmbt betul mase berjalan kan. anyway, congrates dot!

Anonymous said...

congratulations, great birth stories, and thank you for sharing. Am waiting for your comments/feedbacks on your delivery experiences, the treatment you received from the midwives and the post-delivery treatment when you were in the ward. I think maybe if you were more mobiles the opening will progress faster... but I truly believes the soothing words given by the midwife during the pain was great... i received similar comments from the midwives during my labour dulu... when we heard a lady screamed from next door. Oh... rasanyalah the midwife cakap pasal 'steal your delivery' tu sbb a midwife punyer experties di ukur dgn berapa ramai dia deliver org... so, if she missed out her oppurtunities, sedangkan she's been attending you since beginning rugilah dia... bukan mudah... sbb ramai je org yg will go for operations, so kurang chances org deliver normal. And one good thing, you bersalin siang, sakit pun sejak subuh, jadi mudah your freidn to look after Adam, so Adam didn't have to had a night without his dad. Bestkan... pengalaman yg tak dpt di mana2... may you have speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

congrats to u and hubby,

semoga Mia jadi anak solehah


Unknown said...

huh... akhirnya bb mia kuar ngan selamat.. alhamdulillah..
baca cerita ni terbayang2 ms bersalin dulu...
btw, i dulu gilakan GAS tu sehinggakan nk bersalin pun i jadik tak sedar n pening yg amat. sayup2 je dengar midwife suruh teran. semua sayup2.... alhamdulillah masih mampu meneran...
congrates aida... bb mia sangatlah comeylsssss!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

tulah...tgk baju2 girl kat sini..mmg rase na amik semua jer..hehe..

sewing can wait eh?rase dah start gatal tgn nak jahit balikla..hehe...

thank you...

thank you for visiting..

tak takutlah...happy ending :)

bagus2..ready awal2..hehe

thanks...n chun. thanks hantarkan pillow...aku tgh tunggu..tak sampai lg..

actually the treatments i received both in the labour ward and post-natal ward are excellent! i don't know why the hospital received such bad testimonials!I would gladly give birth there again and again! I do think it would've been better if i were mobile, i specified in my birth plan to not be constantly attached to the CTG machine actually so that i could move around. but since the baby's heartrate was higher than normal, they decided that they must keep monitoring it, in case it gets worse. and you're right about the timing of my labour too, it was perfect..pagi sakit hantar adam..then just before nighttime, i'm all settled down and hubby can take adam home...alhamdulillah..

thank you..

masa push pun still boleh pakai gas ke?sib baik still boleh push ek..hehe..

Unknown said...

Congratulations on surviving the birth! You have a beautiful baby and you're looking good in the photo. Hope your confinement is going well and Mia is being a good baby on not knackering you out too much. Anyhow the first few weeks with a second child is always a bit of a blur with crazy frequent feeds, trying to recover from the birth and also ensuring your first born don't feel left out. But I'm sure you'll be just fine and find your groove.

And when you get back to your sewing (months down the line probably) do let us know. Love your creations.....make and sell. I'll buy from you!

Enjoy your growing family.


Maria Firdaus said...

Congrats Aida & Taufik! Mia soo cute...Aida..our birth experience same la..mmg lps pecah ketuban tuh sakit sgt then rasa ade benda nk kuar..nurse pesan jgn push ingatkan xleh bile xleh tahan..panggil dr & nurse..then they said dah nmpak baby's head...then push 2x trus kluar..alhmdulillah.. :)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

its so dejavu reading ur entry. reminds soo much of the time i was in labour...especially part nk push tp not yet fully dilated. i soo wanted to push when delivering the triplets but was told not to. i suspected that i was not allowed to push sbb takde incubator lagi for all 3. coz when they got the cue all 3 incubator ready, again i told them nk push. then trus they say okay..

im so proud of u, going tru all this in a foreign country, having only husband by ur side.

Congrats again dear! and its so nice to hear that husband playing a major role.

kemaryahya said...

aida, aku yg lmbt sgt tau ko dah bersalin. aku br tau arini. dah 6 days late! tahniah aku ucapkan.
aku yg baca ko nye cite ni smbil ambil reading kat lab..huhu..
cam nak nangis pun ada..
n i really understand when u talked about breastfeeding..
haih..perasaan tu tatau la nk ckp cemana..bertuah jadi org perempuan ni..huhu..
selamat berpantang..comel baby mia..

aidafiqs adamia said...

i only look good in the photo because my husband is a good photographer who knows how to edit :) if only u saw the video of me during contractions and just after birth. i tgk rase nak delete..hehe..hudoh sgt..i do look forward to more sewing in the hopefully not too distant future..

agaknya pecah je mmg senang nak bukak kot...

kesiannye u takleh push sbb takde incubator!!! sakit giler nak tahan!! and i just cannot imagine what it must be like to push 3 babies out! omg...i nak push sorang je pun mcm nak give up...

sorry kemar tak dpt nak sms semua kawan2/family...kitorg letak kat fb harap2 org baca jelah announcement..hehe...betul ko ckp, bertuah sgt jadi org pompuan ni...

Nur Diana Anuar said...

dearest aida,
1 thing i admire about you is your ability to deliver such a wonderful birth story in a very graceful way of yours. This is one of the most beautiful birth story i've ever read...i shed tears (happy tears of course) at the end of the story. I am truly happy for you and baby Mia...such a lovely name...Congratulations to you and your family...Send my love to both of your children.

p/s; do not stop writing...i always and will always enjoy reading your blog...maybe you'll become a famous writer one day.

mommy Umar said...

aida,baca mia birth story ni teringat beranak kan si Umar.hampir gave up sebab lama giler nak tunggu dia bukak.ended up c-sec.mommy dah mentally down plus dah 12 jam,doc tak boleh tunggu lagik.btol la kan,sakit tak leh nak described.tgk baby lupa segalanya :)

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

oh gosh aida...i can feel the pain in your every word..tapi pain yg happy ending ..anyway, congrats!


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