Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mia's birthday celebration

Whatever happened to my resolve to update this blog on a daily basis? (erm, daily -ish, at least). I still owe you photos from Andalucia but here are some photos from Mia's birthday.

simple homemade chocolate cake for her

she's reading one of her birthday gifts. I caught her reading Adam's books lately, so I got her some books of her own (most of Adam's books are already worn and torn)

her birthday bunting hang nicely on the walls

her birthday crown.

my princess and prince

Some of her presents. Adam received some presents as well (of course!) and somehow Mia's more interested in his presents than hers!

here she is running after Adam's new fire engine :)

Happy birthday my lovely. We love you so much!


MK said...


nanin said...

ahhh... mia is so adorable. so putih, just like her mama...!

tgk gamba2 dia, buat aku rase mcm nak ade baby lagi! hoho

anyway, Happy Birthday Mia..!

tuty said...

ohh so comel!!

happy birthday Mia! i love your shoes :) hihihi

Ernie Khairina said...

1 year is like the blink of an eye, cepat sangat kan..ingat lagi ur entries pasal pregnen kan Mia..see, Mia dah berlari2 pun =)

Happy Bday Mia!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute , running in her bubble skirt, ...not to mention the dress looks so beautiful on her . Happy Birthday , Mia.

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her bubble skirt...and the dress looks so beautiful on her. Happy birthday, Mia. You are such an adorable girl, sweet, cute and everything a mother can wish for

whm6840 said...

happy birthday mia.. beautiful you, beautiful dress, beautiful shoes!

gaby san said...

my baby just turned one as well. I love your blog, it's like the flipside of my coin... I have a boy and you have a girl, and we're on opposite sides of the world but we live very similar things. :) I wish I were as crafty and I took beautiful pictures like you, I'll do my best to learn.
greetings from Mexico City.

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes the bubble skirt is perfect for her now that she's walking and running..

ha ape's time! hehe..

tulah kan aku pun rase mcm dia newborn lagi...tapi dah besar pun...

thank you...

thank you..

happy birthday to your baby! i love your babywearing photos..oh btw, the beautiful photos are taken by my husband..and crafting, well anybody can do can too.


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