Friday, February 11, 2011

My cardigan

This is the first garment I made for myself...i was rather nervous to's the result:

(ernie, here's the blouse from previous entry. how come you always notice my fav clothes?)

the pattern is the February Lady, a free pattern found on Ravelry. The pattern was inspired by another pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's famous book - Knitter's Almanac. I got the book (very cheaply) off Amazon recently and was totally smitten with EZ's words and liberating opinionated way of knitting. The lacy gull pattern on the bottom bit of the cardigan looks lovely but it is actually pretty easy to execute and memorise. A note for knitters - I did the yarn overs the opposite way, thus twisting the yarn and closing up the holes slightly. I ended up with a denser, warmer fabric. It took me almost a month to finish it.

The yarn was also inspired by EZ. In her book she mentioned about Shetland wools, famous the world over and traditionally used for Fair Isle garments, and the sheep is grown only in the Shetland Islands in the UK. I looked it up online and got this yarn. When I received the yarn, I was slightly sceptical. The yarn felt a little prickly on my fingers while knitting. I went online to learn more about it and found a wealth of information about Shetland wool. The more I leaned the more I fell in love with this wool. This is real sheep's wool. It looks like wool, feels like wool, and smells like wool. I kept sniffing the yarn as I knit. It smells gorgeously sheepy. The yarn has great stitch definition, is very warm and hardwearing. It has had minimal treating. This is wool as the sheep knows it, almost.

These beautiful buttons are from Liberty, covered with lovely Liberty fabric.

This cardigan has hardly left my shoulders since it finished blocking. I love it! I almost wish winter won't pass so I can knit more! I'm full of knitterly thoughts these days.I try to find knitting time as much as I can and if I'm not knitting, I'll be online learning about knitting or reading about knitting, or thinking about knitting. I've had quite a few knitterly dreams too!

I have a few more quick knits I've yet blogged about...will need photos of those..but here's a sneak peek at my current project:

oooh tasty!


Ernie Khairina said...

Cantik! just a month aida? it could take me forever!
Boleh buat for me tak aida, pakai kat sana nanti.. Hot pink bole? I'll quote your name everytime I wear it hihi

love your blouse..biasalah taste kitakan sama..ingat tak ada student named 'ernie aida' kat skola dulu hihhi

Jehanne said...

Impressed with ur knitting skill! how did u msnage-household, 2 kids n still knitting?? i've bought ur recommended 'simply baby'..keen to knit the shrug but i dunno how to 'cast on 10 sts at beginning of next 4 rows' how do u cast on extra st for rows n rows? any tips/tutorial? did u go for knitting lesson b4 u knitted the shrug? ive searched everywhere on net for shrug tutorial (cast on next few rows) but cant get any help..
if u dont mind would love to learn frm u on this shrug pattern!

aidafiqs adamia said...

tak ingat langsung pasal ernie aida memory is the total opposite of yours dear..

i'm excited that you've purchased that book. ok. so do you have the yarns and needles in hand? it's just easier to imagine and do when you have it in your hands. basically at the beginning of the row just cast on extra stitches as usual using cable cast on. the instruction for cable cast on can be found at the front section of the book. i'd be very happy to help later on if you need it. wait. if i remember correctly you live in london right?

Jehanne said...

hi Aida
Thanx for the reply..yea live just outside london so u can teach me in person! haha..i know how to cast on if its beginning of the knit..but say i've casted on 8 ( as the pattern), then after i cast on extra stitches, do i just continue knitting, and when it comes to the next row, cast on again?

aidafiqs adamia said...

jehanne, yes i could! after you cast on the extra stitches (the new stitches will be on your left needle)just knit that row as usual, transferring/knitting the stitches onto your right needle. then the same for next row.

nanin said...

mak aih aida... impressive (mcm biasa)... hehehe

anyway, ade tak kemar bgtau pasal the new polisi of your ex company. skarang staff yg resign kan apply again. no more "once u're out, u're out" policy. well, kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, tanye kemar on the details. just thot abt you. maybe u might be interested when u come back here... hehehee

Unknown said...

wah cantiknyaaa! saya penah beli jarum and benang nak start knitting after reading ur blog, tp sampai sekarang pun tak reti nak kait row kedua...sob sob sob..

Teeny said...

Wow! amazing. cam beli kat kedai.

jehanne said...

hi aida..thanx for the tips..let me cast on this weekend and see how it goes, am i right to assume that the extra stitches will increase gradually over 4 rows?

Chekgu Azrine said...

rajin u menjahit...dan hasilnya kemas je...tumpang happy...

SM@A said...

Salam sis

Masyaallah, cantiknye...
Semua yang you buat memang cantik.
I'm impressed.

Wafaa said...

Hi Aida, it's so gorgeous! Camane selit masa knitting with toddler and baby around?


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