Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarah's dresses

The moment I heard Sarah was born I immediately started making her a couple of welcome her into the world. They've reached her now so I can put the pictures up..

An Itty Bitty dress in sweet beautiful fabric (Delia) by Tanya Whelan. Mia has one in a Tanya Whelan fabric too...(but she can't fit into that one anymore. will have to keep it for her sister, perhaps?).
I love the simple construction of this dress. Perfect for a newborn baby..

ItalicHere is the gorgeous Sarah wearing her new dress. Maklong loves you Sarah!!

Then I made this pheasant dress for her. Again simple construction, but lovely and this one is definitely practical and will grow with the baby. Mia's pheasant dress that I made her she could still wear as a tunic-style top...

a little crocheted flower. My crochet skill is limited, but this flower is pretty easy to make.

Tiny little lacy edge. Found really cheap at the Church Street market near my house.

My one and only favourite niece Sarah...I hope you like the dresses. They're not as pretty as you are, but every girl deserves a little handmade in her life...


MK said...


Ribbon and Circus said...

Those dresses are so lovely.. May I use the pattern myself? Not for commercial used, just for practice, kot2 dapat baby girl..he he

aidafiqs adamia said...

jealous dgn sarah ke? hehe..

ribbon clown,
the itti bitty dress is a free pattern online. here's the link the peasant dress pattern i made up but its simple to do..if you google peasant dress i think you might be able to find a pattern somewhere..

prettybabybump said...

hi, just blog walking. did you really make them yourself?! they're gorgeous!

ida ahmad said...

so nice la aida. best la baby sarah.. banyak la maklong dia buat lagi nanti.

Unknown said...

hi.. couldn't agree less. when one start making dresses... we just want all girls to have handmade. it's so special kan..

Diya's Look Book! said...

OMG the dresses are super cute! bestnya pandai menjahit mcm u. i selalu teringin nak belajar tapi tak pernah2 nak cuba haih.. Btw salam perkenalan!

Frida A said...

so pretty! can make one for me? :P

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes i did. thank you..

maklong dia dah lama tak sewingla...asik gila knitting je..


these dresses are not hard to make at all..

yes i could. if you're a 2 month old :) been trying to make myself something as pretty but i can't carry off that look ;)

Frida A said...

lol! how bout for my lil girl? mak tak lawa janji anak lawa ;P


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