Thursday, March 31, 2011

Worm Digging Tutorial, by Adam

I came across worm digging by accident recently while having a picnic at the park with my family. Mom, Mia and I were on the picnic blanket having our lunch while Daddy was taking our pictures. I was going to put on my yellow boots to join Daddy when I saw it. A huge worm! Right under Mommy's feet! I told Mom and she screamed in shock! Silly Mommy ;)

Aaanyway, after that I decided to go on a the search for Worm-py. Ah yes, I like to add a Y at the end of any word as I see please. Choose can be choo-sy, Up can be Up-py, Snake can be Snaky, Shoe can be Shoe-shi. Mom said 'Oh you mean Wormy, Adam?'. No Mom, I said Worm-py! *roll eyes*

Right, I'm getting a teensy bit distracted here. Let's get back to finding Worm-py.

First step, gather you tools. You can use a fancy digger, or use whatever you have. Here I am using a pair of plastic fork and spoons from our lunch earlier.

Now, start looking for worm trails. Daddy told me that the best way to spot a worm hole is by the 'fresh worm poop' on the ground. These are round little brown things..that looked like..well, poop!

Once you spotted these trails, just go on and start digging! Use your hands if you wish. It's a lot more fun I can promise you!

Try to rope your little sister into helping you dig as well. Remember she might need a little guidance, but she'll get there soon enough.

There, I told you. She's already enjoying it. Cutting your job in half. Ha!

Now little sisters are notorious for getting distracted easily. Especially when she sees you so focussed that it gives her an opportunity to launch an 'attack' at you. Cheeky! But, if you're a toughy like me, you might want to consider letting it slide. She's only little.

See how happy she gets?

Where was I? Oh yes. I was digging. Now after some exciting digging you may find little tunnels where the little Worm-pies live. Be gentle and eventually you will find what you're looking for.


The End!


mamalisa said...

salam, just blog hop and found yours. OMG, your kids so lovely and am really stuck at your blog reading and vewing these beautiful angels. Thanks for sharing and salam ukhuwah :)

shanas ishak said...

jom terjah!

Unknown said...

adam is so cute!! and mia too~XOXOXO~

aidafiqs adamia said...

you're very sweet. thank you!

wow i feel honoured. thank you!

don't they look like each other now?hehe..

nadia yaya said...

yar...indeed...hugs and kisses for adam and mia..~XOXOXO~

ida said...

Adam the explorer.. "Go adam go".. Bunyi mcm go diego go please..

Sweet ja adam layan Mia..


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