Friday, April 29, 2011

Malorca, arrival

Despite feeling rather ill, Adam was still pretty excited about going on an aeroplane. He slept in the plane and the moment we land, we woke him up. He was groggy and all of sudden, projectile vomitting all over the place! He didn't even eat hisdinner so it was all his lunch thatcame out. Poor baby..

After that he did feel slightly better and told me he didn't want to go home. He said 'Nak lain house' meaning he want to go to a hotel. I said,yes thats where we're going. When we arrived at the apartment, he was happy and suddenly he realised there is no television. 'cannot find tv mom. i cannot find tv..' over and over again. 'Lets find lain house mom' It was 2am.

Oh dear.


Fizah said...

laa sian adam. get well soon dear!

Teeny said...

He wanted to watch the royal wedding kot :) hehehe


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