Monday, April 25, 2011

To my dear husband

Yesterday, at the tube station, you carried Adam in his stroller down a flight of stairs. When we reach the bottom of the stairs, there was a lady with her child in a stroller too, struggling and looking around for help. Without a moment's hesitation, you offered to help and then proceeded to carry her child in the stroller up the stairs.

This simple act of kindness reminded me again of who you are and why I love you.

You have a heart spun out of pure gold. May Allah bless you always, my love.

Happy birthday.


Trrri said...

:-) nice. happy birthday.

rafiza said...


kadang2 aku cerita ttg engkau dan family to my hubby krn kebetulan mereka drpd sekolah yg sama :)
dan suami aku ada mengatakan yg suami ko mmg baik..:) hihi, just cerita tambahan, hubby kdg2 tanya aku suami ko buat apa sekarang, tapi aku pun tak tau..hehe, aku jwb sedang bergembiralah dgn family dia..

ps: aku penah bgtau ttg mereka satu skool kan?hehe, kdg2 rs seronok bila ada coincidence yg begini dgn teman2 lama..keciknya dunia ni kan..


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