Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aidil Adha in Melaka

I've been a terrible blogger. Almost a month from my last entry. Gosh. I have so many things I wanted to blog about, they never got written down. Oh well. I hope you will enjoy some pictures from our Aidil Adha celebration.

I got really lucky this year. After a few years of celebrating Eid and AidilAdha away from family, this year I didn't have to cook my own rendang :) we went to Melaka, my mom and all my siblings were around, and coincidentally we all wore red/pink. Time to take a family picture!

the four of us

Aidil Adha in my nenek's (my mom's hometown) house is the best because there is always qurban done by some members of our huge family (really huge, like, let's see i've lost count mom has 13 sibling, i have i think 80+ cousins, and i don't know how many children of my own cousins...). My uncle would sembelih the cow or goats himself, with help from other uncles/cousins, and then everybody will help melapah the meat, send out to other people and my nenek will make delicious sup tulang...and nasi beriani kambing...hmm yum...this year there were 4 goats altogether..

this is mia's first time watching this ceremony and surprisingly she was most enthusiastic. She asked her pak ngah (pic above) to hold her so she can get close and watch the qurban...then she went 'mbeeekkk! mbekkkk!' calling out to the goats. Not scared one bit. Adam on the other hand asked me what will happen to the goats, and when I told him we will eat it he said NOOO and looked at me like I was crazy.

p/s: I made Mia's baju kurung. Will blog about it later with more pictures...


fana said...

korban kambing..hurmhh.. u melaka kat mne yer?

fana said...

korban kambing..hurmhh.. u melaka kat mne yer?

Unknown said...

akak, yg pegang tali kambing tu muka dia macam familiar lah..macam muka tokey kedai alatan jahit karysma kat bangi tu..ehehe. (maybe pelanduk dua serupa)

aidafiqs adamia said...

dkt paya rumput...

pelanduk yg sama lah tu....hehe..tokey kedai karysma tu my uncle. dan kedai dia mmg my fav sewing shop pun..semua bende ade!

Unknown said...

haha, what a small word..tini slalu baca blog akak, walau jarang comment..nampak sgt saya ni customer tegar karysma..hihi..


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