Friday, November 18, 2011

Laundry - more than just a chore

Is it too weird that hanging out the laundry in the morning has become one of the things I look forward to every day? The earlier, the better. When the sun is just about to rise, the air is cool and crisp. And soon the sun comes up fully, drying up my fresh laundry in no time.

This is the first time I live in a landed property after I got married. Laundry used to be yet another dreaded chore in my to do list. In London it was worse because I had to use a tumble dryer no matter what the weather. Wrinkles up everything! We were not allowed to hang anything on the balcony.

Mia usually wakes early, in a good mood and walks around with me as I cook our breakfast and hang out the laundry. This is the best time to chat with her, she has a lot of interesting and often funny opinions.

This particular piece of quilt in the above picture was especially a pleasure to hang out to dry. I found it in our old house, must've belonged to my mom. It has some yellowish stains and a few worn out spots but in otherwise good condition. As i washed and examined it, I realised that this quilt was hand-quilted! What a treasure. You can't find hand-quilted quilts anywhere these days. and it must've taken forever to make! I'm suddenly feeling inspired to do some hand-sewing...

Now folding the laundry is another (not-so-pleasant) matter altogether...hmmm....


ederq said...

hi mommy adamia.
boleh tak nak request tips? from your blog entries of adam, i think he is such a loving, caring and smart boy. any tips to share with? kisses to both adam n mia! muachs!

aidafiqs adamia said...

no i take no credit for's all him :)

Unknown said...

ironing... mmmh... maybe not now.
After all, tomorrow is another day! :-D

iL4na said...

I like sidai kain too. My own zen therapy besides siram pokok. Sounds so makcik but its so true.


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