Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gypsy skirt

I am calling this skirt the gypsy skirt because that is what it is : light, flowy, cosy, comfortable, girly, free. As I made this i thought of Tanya, the music lady at the kids' old children center who played guitar and was always dressed like a gypsy, in some form of a flowy skirt or another, no matter what the weather.

The waistband is made made out of knit fabric, making it comfortable and easy to pull on by oneself. Mia is at the stage where she just refuses to let me put her clothes on for her; she wants to do everything by herself.

The fabric is lightweight japanese cotton, in a full flowery pattern that hides the wrinkles from play (because who wants to iron little children clothes)

Just one more picture because she's too cute :)

this is the third of this skirt I've made. The first two for myself. You can make this skirt in about a couple hours. Yes it is that easy to make both for big girls and little girls alike.

Skirt tutorial, anyone?


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

halaaa comelnyee Mia. dah makin besar. cantek sangat skirt nih..!

Anonymous said...

cantik... yes please... skirt tutorial please.. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks kak fathin...

ok insyaallah i will work on a tutorial....

asera said...

I still need to ask u.ehem.ehem.From where did u get the bookshelf in the last 2 pictures? tadi i google dulu tapi tak jumpa yang mcm tu.

n yeah, skirt tutorial please!nanti kalau ada baby girl i leh refer blog u. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

my husband beli bookshelf tu kat argos masa kat uk ...tak pasti kat sini ade tak...tutorial is up now :)

aSeRa said...

tq for ur prompt reply.really appreciate it! suka sgt sling bookhelf tu,seems practical for kids.

n yup,the tutorial seems...'easy' for newbie!anak dpt,mak pon boleh juga. hehe thanks again :)


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