Monday, April 2, 2012

Red slime

These days Adam is filled with the excitement of 'making things'. Everyday he asks me 'I want to make something. Let's look for a recipe'. The other day he wanted to make slime.

RED slime! It was quite a lot of fun. the slime behaves rather strange - it is solid when you grab a handful and roll it up like playdough, but when you let it rest it turns into liquid and drips down your fingers. Try it!

Slime Recipe

a cup of cornflour
water (room temp)
some food coloring *optional

-gradually mix water into the cornflour until you get the consistency you like. food coloring too. mix it all slowly. mix it hard and fast. Play.

1 comment:

the awesome four said...

i used to make it for lil cousins. love that red slimy slime! :D


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