Thursday, April 5, 2012

Venturing into Japanese sewing

I'm feeling inspired by japanese sewing lately. The style is simple, chic and effortless. So recently I went to Kinokuniya to pick up these japanese sewing books. The books are in japanese, I don't read japanese, but rumor has it you could figure out the sewing from the pictures. So gave it a go. Tracing the pattern was a bit of a mess, but I found sewing it quite fun. I've always avoided sewing clothes from commercial patterns because of all the lengthy detailed instructions that confuse me, and quite frankly rather irritating. But with these japanese patterns the pictures are clear and it's pretty simple to figure out how to piece the pattern pieces on my own.

This first piece I tried is actually a maternity top, but I liked it, simple and light.

short sleeves to wear with a cardigan ( I seem to be a serial cardigan knitter lately)

there were supposed to be many more pleats on the front, to allow for a big belly. But I didn't have enough fabric and and I didn't need the extra belly space, so I made it with just one pleat on the front.

it closes at the back with a button

It think it goes quite well with my new cardigan (unfinished, I still need buttons )

the tops wears well...and the fabric is a dreamy light! I think there'll be more sewing from these particular books coming up..


Unknown said...


cun sgt! rase nak tempah cardigan ngan ko je..i'm sooo into cardigan now. And i definitely need that extra space for my belly ;p

Emmachann said...


aku rasa ko boleh business online jual knitted items esp cardigan!! nak order satu, leh ke.. hehe.. cardigan for pregnant mom.. ;)

nanin said...

Aida - santek sangat!! love the fabric, the color, the design.. love it all! keep it up, I'm a fan (chewahh)!

aidafiqs adamia said...

chun and ima,
ala takleh business la knit cardigan. it takes a loooong time to make one.

thank you!


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