Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kekabu chair cushions

This month I've been making a few of these. A simple square pillow filled with kekabu*. When filled up nice and full it is quite comfortable to sit on.

The little erm dots(?) you see are places where I've handsewn in place so that the kekabu stays in place all flat and full, and not run around inside the pillow. This pillow will be used for chair cushions.

The hard part is actually filling up those kekabu because little Mia insists to help and always gets kekabu in her mouth :)

So when the pillow is ready I make a simple pretty cover then it's ready for use.

About time I make use of my Cath Kidston fabrics that has been laying around collecting dusts..

A couple for the chairs in my sewing room..

and one for my husband's workstation at home. He complained his backside was hurting when he saw me making the other two cushions - cheeky!

*kekabu is a tropical version of natural cotton.


Yaati Nor said...

salam pekenalan..Waahh say suka tgk mesin jahit tu..mesin jahit idaman saya tu..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah.
I have the exact white table and black chair for my sewing place back in M'sia.

:) LOVE!


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