Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mia's easy skirts - a tutorial

I made these skirts yesterday for Mia. They took about 10 mins each to sew. I thought I'd do a tutorial here for anybody who'd like to try one. This is a very good choice for a first project if you're learning to sew.

(please excuse the crumpled pink skirt. already been worn and may have a bit of pee on it too. shhh)

Start with measuring your child. You will need her waist measurement and the length of skirt you want. You will cut a rectangle of fabric like the above. The width of this rectangle will be her waist measurement times 2, and the length would be the length of the skirt plus 1.5".

For example Mia's waist was 18" and length of skirt for her was 10". So the size of the rectangle above was 36" x 11.5".

Sew up the side and zigzag stitch/serge the edges.

Press the seam to one side.

While you're at the ironing board, press the bottom hem of the skirt. To do this fold up by half an inch, then then fold again by half an inch to enclose the raw edge.

Sew the hem.

Now zigzag stitch or serge the top edge of the skirt (not shown in pic). Then mark the top edge at four places (divide skirt into four equal sections. Or more sections if you're making a bigger skirt)

Get a length of elastic that is your child's waist measurement minus 4". Mia's was 14" long.

Sew it up into a circle using a zigzag stitch like the picture above.

The mark the elastic into 4 sections and mark.

Fold down the top of the skirt by half an inch and enclose the elastic in it, pinning at 4 places that was marked. Sew over the top of this enclosure (yes sew over the elastic) using a wide zigzag stitch while stretching the elastic to fit the fabric. See picture above. To do this start by stitching a few stitches at the first pin, remove the pin, the hold onto the next pin  stretch the elastic to fit the fabric.

This may seem difficult to imagine, but trust me it is wayyy easier that making a loop to insert the elastic into. ( I hate threading elastic into the waist. and the elastic always likes to curl up or down or all over the place )

This is what it will look like from the inside when you're done.

And from the outside. Quite an even neat finish.

Tadaa you're skirt is done.

Happy sewing!


Mrs-F said...

Cool tutorial, selama nih, gila struggle pasang waistband. Normally, aku buat loop pastu masuk band. This time around nak try technique nih plak insha Allah. Thanks

Unknown said...

sis, yg zigzag tu kemaslah, guna mesin ape?

E`n1x said...

even with your tutorial, i think i will still fail sewing 101. to do this you need a sewing machine and a serger ke?

Anonymous said...

salam sis,
On forum perdana ehwal islam last night, i saw your pic(u,adam & mia) about 2 or 3 pic in slide show..

PzahKudin said...

i love to read all about ur babies , ur sewing porject etc.. ur blog give me some inspirations!! anyway, last nite i saw ur picture with adam and mia at TV 1.. for mothers day promo.. so Happy Mothers Day!!!

angah sam said...

hai kak aidaa :) akak ade fb tak?angah baru join malaysian knitting club. ramai rupenye org2 malaysia yg knitting.hehe..benang2 best pun ramai yg jual online. akak nak join, akak add angah ye. :) see u there :)

Kitorang ade wat gathering k2tog kat tasik2 jugak on weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

salam kak aida,
saya baru tengok RTM/TV 2 guna beberapa pic kak aida ngan adam and mia utk lagu tema hari ibu... kak aida tau ke?

adrianathani said...

Hey! I haven't been blog-hopping in ages, and the first blog I wanted to read was yours :D Just bought my first sewing machine recently, and was looking for easy patterns, so this is just perfect!

Btw, while I was at the haberdasher's, I bought an "elastic threader". I have no idea yet if those work or not, but maybe something you can look into? :)


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