Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The symptoms

I have to say my first sign to being pregnant was the sudden increase in my sense of smell. This was before I did the pregnancy test. Bila queue up utk amik lauk lunch/brekfes, suddenly the smell of food hit me so hard and not in a good way. I would start to feel queasy and lose my appetite. My husband would be giving me that cheeky look and trying to hide a smile. After the same thing happened a few times, he was already determined that I’m pregnant. I was determined not to believe him until proven otherwise.

Next I noticed my bre*st has started to grow and making me feel uncomfortable. I blamed my current weight gain for it. But again my husband was even more convinced I was carrying and was treating me like a pregnant woman. After I tested positive, the symptoms started to kick in full force. Whenever I’m near any food, I would feel nauseous and worst when someone is cooking. My husband tried cooking for me one day and the smells made me sick the whole night and the next morning. My neighbors are mostly housewives so they cook every morning, noon and night so every mealtime I must make sure all the windows are close. Even then the unbearable smells still creep in. Needless to say I haven’t been cooking anything myself since. My appetite kept decreasing as a result. But since I’m pregnant, I can’t skip meals. So it’s a challenge for us every mealtime to figure out what to eat. There’s isn’t many options for non-smelling food, really. The first few weeks I think I lost some weight instead of gaining it like I should.

I was also getting headache and nausea almost constantly throughout the day. Whoever named “morning sickness” must’ve been a man. On a bad day I would not be able to concentrate on anything. The biggest challenge is when I am at work. I just feel like lying down and at least bang my head on something hard. Then there is that sharp “gassy” feeling in my chest which I learned was heartburn. This is a really uncomfortable symptom where you feel like there are sharp nail in your chest (esophagus?). It usually happens whenever my stomach is empty, which is very often! So I need to keep some food around me to munch on. Sometimes if I don’t have snacks around, mealtime would be really horrible because the gasses would’ve been accumulated and bubbling to come out, making me feel like vomiting the food I just ate.

Having said all that, I must say that this pregnancy is actually relatively easy. I’ve seen and read about other women with much worst symptoms. For me, although I’ve nausea, I hardly vomited. Up until now, I’ve only vomited twice and both at funny places. The first time was at a swimming pool. I went swimming with my mom in an attempt to get “fit” for this pregnancy. After only a few laps in the pool I’ve taken out my plate of nasi lemak into the drain at the side of the pool. Err, I’m pretty sure they recycle the drain water back in to pool…hehhe..ok, I’m not saying which pool now! The second time was when I was at the cinema. Luckily this time I made it to the toilet before the banana came out.

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