Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weird Dreams

Normally I’m the kind of person who rarely remembers her dreams. But ever since I fell pregnant, I’ve been having all sorts of vivid, creepy dreams.
Many times I had dreams in which I fought furiously with my husband. Most these dreams will end up in me crying and screaming at the top of my voice, usually throwing things as well. In the dreams my husband will be intentionally ignoring me and driving me crazy, which is weird because he never does that. One time, I was crying loudly in my sleep that my husband had to wake me up. In one dream, my husband was having an affair with a friend of mine from university. It turns out the next day we met her at our university alumni dinner. While we were queuing for food my husband accidentally touched her back thinking it was me standing in front of him. Both she and my husband were horrified. I found it hilarious.

I also had dreams in which my friends die horrible deaths, usually murdered. Once, in the dream no one died but a bunch of people including myself was thrown into a field where leeches (lintah) are bred and we were the “food”. Everybody was putting leeches in their bodies and letting them eat their blood. One girl had leeches visibly crawling inside her skin that the “facilitator” had to take a sharp knife and slice the skin near her neck to get the leeches out. It was terrible, I tell you.

In one dream, ok this is a really bizarre one, I saw a couple of lesbians making out (NO, I was NOT one of them!). One of the girls was a finalist from American’s Next Top Model.

Some dreams involve babies too. I had one where I meet my baby boy who is 2 months old at the time. Somehow I was missing in his life the previous 2 months. My mother was taking care of him and he didn’t know me at all. But at 2 months he can already talk and call my mother Mama. I woke up while I was desperately teaching him to call me Mummy. Last night I had a dream where I was taking care of a little girl. This one was a little older and while we were having a bath together she had a poop and I tried to clean it up. But I couldn’t and there was shit everywhere! Suddenly the girl was already climbing into the kolah to play in it and now there’s shit inside the kolah too.

Tell me, do all pregnant moms have these dreams?


Anonymous said...

i had these mixed feelings reading this entry.. mula2 cam erkk camne ko bleh rasa klaka bile mimpi husband ko ade affair.. reading on, horrible nye sampai ade bunuh2.. pastu ade baby2 berak lak.. LOL! probly due to hormone changes.. cuba la ko tanye doktor.. at the same time,jgn lupa bace doa tido!
p/s:nnt aku msg ko kat frenster no hp aku

aidafiqs adamia said...

no, the dream itself was horrible! i was screaming at him and trying to sratch his face when i found out about his "affair".hehe. tapi yg klaka part bila dia terpegang my friend la Mate. She terkejut terus lari tak jadi sambung ambik food..hehe

it's ok, aku tak amik pusing sgt about these dreams..aku rase bende biasa kot bila pregnant?

kinda fun jugak the next morning. jadi topic nak borak2.taufik tanya, mimpi apa lak mlm tadi yang?

Unknown said...

hi aida! dream ko macam buku cerita la..kekekeke

aidafiqs adamia said...

fizah mana satu ek ni?

a'ah mmg mcm buku citer..hehe
taktaula apsal..normal kot org ngandung


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