Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tips to handle "morning" sickness

I read so many useful tips on websites and books but there are a few yg I really use for my everyday battle against the hormones. First thing in the morning, before going to work or sometimes immediately after I wake up, I have to eat something to alas my stomach. I found that dry crackers or bread are the best. Sekeping je pun cukup. Somehow dapat rasa that cracker fill up the empty spaces. Kalau lupa mkn mula la rase pedih2 heartburn tu. Actually bukan morning je, any time of day kalau mula rasa pedih sikit I mkn cracker ni. Air soya pun ok jugak to relieve that “gassy” feeling. Of course every mealtime mesti makan mcm biasa, tak boleh lambat! Kalau tak mulala pedih tu dtg dan naik sampai kepala pun pening/mabuk.

Lagi satu, I learned to breathe through my mouth. This is specifically when there are smells of food around me. Worst bila lalu sebelah dapur org/kedai..pergh. So I will concentrate on my breathing, in out in out mcm org nak beranak you! Senang ckp mcm breathing when swimming la…takleh breathe in through the nose kang masuk air…tapi yg ni takleh buat lama sgt sbb lama2 rase mcm sesak napas lak…if the smell is really, really bad…kepit je hidung tu dgn tangan…one friend once suggested to use clothes pin (ala sepit baju tu) to kepit my hidung when inside the house..hehehe..mau ternganga org tgk kalau buat kat luar rumah..mcm nak buat tarian berirama dlm air tu lak..

Lagi satu ubat is sleeping! Kalau dah tak tahan sgt, peningla, mabukla, sakit badanla…paling senang is tidola…at least for a few hours tak rase sakit tu. But this one can only do on weekends or nighttime, otherwise takkan nak tido kat ofis kan?

Ok I’ve saved the best for last. This one tip was given (created?) by my dearest husband. Do you know those Vicks Inhalers that are normally used for blocked nose? My God, I don’t know what I would do without it! I’m surprised no one mentioned it in any of the websites or books. It works just like your regular minyak kapak would, except it wouldn’t bother the people around you. It’s really convenient especially for when I’m at work. Every time I feel nauseous je, sniff sniff. It doesn’t make the headache go away, but at least it makes it bearable. And also I think it stops me from vomiting. Useful gak when there are horrible food smells around. Friends from work were worried when they see me sniffing all day long. But I checked with my gynea and he said it’s ok to use it when you’re pregnant. So pregnant ladies, grab one immediately from your nearest Watson!

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