Monday, August 6, 2007

my sweet tooth

Lately, it looks as though my appetite has tripled. Asyik nak melantaaak je. Sikit2 lapar. I’ve developed an extremely sweet tooth. I told my husband, pls make sure I don’t eat more than necessary. Dia pun, yes, yes, I’ll help you control your diet, ok. Here’s his idea of “helping” me;

Buying me 3 huge bar of Cadbury at once. 2 for home and 1 for the office.

Buying a big tub of ice cream for our freezer.

Encouraging me to eat more each meal.

Tempting me to get Famous Amos cookies which he knows I cannot resist.

Treating me to Baskin Robbins ice cream after I ate said cookies.

Suggesting waffles with ice cream n chocolate for dessert.

In my pregnant state of mind, I just pretend to protest a little but will not resist his offers. Ahh, ignorance is bliss.

He insists that I need all the “nutrition”.

I think he’s secretly trying to get Adam to come out cute and chubby.

Either that or he’s enjoying FatMama’s curves! Haha!


hilmi said...

heh tak la..laki suke tgk pompuan kurus mcm klong (seblom pregnant) heh yg biasenye paranoid prasan gemuk mkn byk2 sket haha

along said...

wow bestnya. i just can have all those time my hubby outstation jer... kalo tak.. "tak bole, byk gula" "tak bole, nati kene diebetes" "tak ble.. tak bole.."


aidafiqs said...

btul tu pakngah imi..aku agree!!hehehe..

mummytobe said...

yeke laki suka ni..oklah..boleh mkn makin byk coklatla pasni..hehe

jomla kite sama2 bulat. nnt i ade geng..let's take this opportunity to throw caution to the wind..hehe..tell your husband, kesianla tgk baby H you ni teringin mkn coklat tau..

yeke ni..nnt kalau saya dah "comel" mcm tempayan kene ckp lawaaaala Mummy ni....occay??hehe

Anonymous said...

kak fifah says:

I think it the "FatMama's curves"!! huhu

along said...

takmo takmo takmo bulat. susah payah ku menurunkan berat badan selama inih. hehe.

hilmi said...

turn off la perkataan tu..FatMama no offense kak fifah heh

along said...

puan. anda telah di tag. sila ke blog saya.

kak fifa said...

To Hilmi:

hehehe.. ure kak long is anything but a fat mama.. infact i think she's gonna be one helluva yummy mummy.. now how does that sound?;-P

hilmi said...

heh better..mcm cekedis-->kak fifah panggil jajan kot hehe

mummytobe said...

kak fifah & imi,

mummy isn't feeling so yummy with all this fat piling up her ass. haha..

tag tu ape?

along said...

ayooo. refer to my blog lah. sme instruction ada kat sane. hehe.


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