Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mia @ 6 months

Mia turned 6 months yesterday! How is she doing?

- She just started to sit by herself. A little wobbly but she looked cute anyways :)

- She's learning to crawl. She just can't wait to catch up with Adam.

- Mommy is her best friend.

- Daddy is her personal clown.

- Adam is her idol.

- She looks exactly like her big bro at the same age.

- She started eating and is thrilled that she can now join us at mealtimes.

- She had her first viral infection a few days ago and got over it pretty quickly. When she was ill and fussy, the only things that could calm her down are Mommy's milk and a massage.

- She is well-loved by everyone, especially her big brother Adam. He takes very good care of her.

Happy half-birthday Adik! We love you so much!


ellyWong said...

happy belated mia! :D love the pic! ;)

Melina said...

Happy 6th Month birthday Mia. You certainly have grown since Aiesha's birthday and that was only a few weeks ago!

aidafiqs adamia said...

elly, thank you!

Melina, really? i guess she has..

Emmachann said...

MIaaa.. cute sgt!! tak puas hari tu jumpa dia.. huhu.. jet lag nyer pasal..

niwey Aida, thanks for the hospitality.. aku since balik from UK hari tu have been sick and of course keje byk gilerrrr.. tu yg sampai sakit2.. Naufal plak dah change appetite..very English one this boy.. adoii..susah2..


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