Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mia's growing...( and growing girls always need new dresses, right ? )

This week has been a really big week for Mia. First she started understanding what 'sit down' means. No, it's not just my imagination. Every time someone says 'Mia, sit down please', she slowly pause and sat her cute little bum down. That little genius. Then we'll clap and cheered and told her what a clever girl she is for sitting and she'll give us that proud smiley face. Even when we're telling her off ' Mia, don't go kacau Along...sit down please' She'll frown and cry but will still sit her bum down. Good girl, Mia..I'll put up a video next time.

Today was especially a big growing day for Mia. She started crawling properly for the first time! finally got the hands and knees coordination right. Terus laju jer crawl all over the place...and then terus nak start cruising! must be feeling pretty confident today. She tried to pull herself up on furniture...nak jalan dah ke anak Mommy ni...

aaannnd, her first tooth came out today too! still tiny and barely visible, but it's there! no wonder she's been so irritable lately, poor baby...

That's a lot of accomplishment in one day. Mommy's proud of you Mia!

But baby, can you stay little for a bit longer honey?

p/s: Photos are of Mia's new summer dress. Fabric from that lovely voile again. Oh i must get more of it...this dress is really simple to make. Just rectangles, and elastic for the top and waist of the bodice. And then I made a simple gathered skirt for myself to match. I hope you're not sick of the matchy-matchy yet...(maybe just one more next week?)


Aunty J said...

I soo envy your sewing skills esp seeing those lovely dresses you made for sweet lil cantikkkk!!! :)

Ainul Husna said...

kak aida,take a photo of u wearing the skirt n mia wearing the dress.mesti cute! =)

aidafiqs adamia said...

aunty J,
thank you...this dress is especially easy. i bet u can do it too!

ok i will, tomorrow ;)

craft art journal said...

Absolutely adore the matchy matchy! And I can't believe I have the same fabric. Aren't they just screaming LUSH?! And again, love your work. Mia's so lucky ;)

ps: did you use lining for your skirt or was it alright without?


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