Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Potty Training, Day 2

Ok, Day 2. I was really nervous. My husband wasn't around this time, and I would have to juggle handling Mia, house work, and potty training all at the same time.

Normally first thing in the morning, I would bathe Mia, feed her, then put her to nap. While she's napping Adam and I would take our shower. But yesterday, Mia decided to pass on her morning nap. And her afternoon nap. Oh dear. Ok, Plan B. I gave Adam his bath but I went showerless today ;p

The rest of the day I followed the same plan as yesterday. Oh I forgot to mention one of the most important part of the potty training program - If the the child has an accident, avoid getting upset or scolding or showing any negative reaction. I thought this would be the most difficult part, in trying not to lose my temper if he has an accident. But it turns out, this part is really pretty easy. Afterall, this is his first time without his nappy, of course he would have accidents right? And any accidents are pretty easy to clean up after, if you have everything ready.

But, I did lose my temper a lot, when he refused to sit on his potty. Again and again, every 15 mins. It's just so frustrating for me....and for him too, i think. A lot of tears shed today, Adam's tears, Mia's and mine. Mia was neglected quite a bit yesterday, unfortunately but it can't be helped really. Every 15 mins she's either crying by herself or being held like a football while mommy is dragging Adam to the potty in the other hand. I'm so sorry Mia....

It's always difficult for me when my child isn't listening to me, because it makes me feel like i'm such a horrid mother that my son doesn't want to listen to me. But to tell you the truth, i do understand where he's coming from. I mean, he didn't ask to be potty trained, did he?He probably doesn't even know what potty training means. He didn't read the book on potty training like I did. This whole thing was just sprung on him out of nowhere. One day he's happily playing all day with no disruptions, the next day he's asked to sit on the potty every 15mins. Of course he's annoyed. (Remember when you were pregnant, how annoying it was having to go to the loo every 15 mins?)

But you see, towards the end of the very exhausting and frustrating Day 2, we reached a turning point. At around 6.15pm, I asked Adam to sit on his potty. But at this point, I was tired and had absolutely no energy to pull him to the potty. So I merely reminded him that it's time to sit on his potty. Mia needed my attention, so I went ahead and breastfed her, and at the same time kept reminding Adam that it's time to go potty. He pretended not to listen, but at around 6.30pm, he went to his potty by himself, took off his pants by himself, sit on the potty by himself and wiped himself with the loo roll all by himself. I watched the whole thing on the couch, breastfeeding Mia, almost bursting with pride. I helped him wash his hands in the toilet and afterwards, he asked me for a star on his scoreboard! He definitely deserved that star for sure!

Oh my God, suddenly all that hard work the past couple of days seemed totally worth it. From then on, he went to the potty like that, willingly, until sleeptime.

The total score for the day - less number of accidents than Day 1, and a lot more number of successful potty than Day 1. Alhamdulillah....

Today's another day. Wish us luck!


hilmi said...

wiped himself with the loo roll all by himself.<--- lap sendiri?

Anonymous said...

haha imi, i'm thinking about the same thing too.. particularly on wiped himself..
knowing him that always shout for his mommyyyy.. i think that's a real accomplishment..
dalam pada dia nye reaction yg pretend tu, dia actually betul2 nak tunjuk kat mommy dia yg dia boleh buat je sebenarnya..
so proud of u lah adam~!
meh sini aunty hug dia ^_^

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes! tererkan adam..hehe...tissues tu mmg letak seblah potty dia. dia koyak sendiri then wipe..dah ajar dia..

yes, i do consider that a real accomplishment!

Mai Okinokiyo said...

I did the same with my daughter.lots of crying as well but no accidents at all sbb dia tak perasan all this while when
and how to pee.then on the 2nd day she took off the pants and let me see how she pee, siap bersorak2 sambil
crying haha. Congrats to u and adam!

ibuhannah said...

well done adam!! and mummy you did just as great a job!! keep it up.

fizaros said...

comel nye adammmmm!! aku bayang kan tgh dia dok main2 tu tiba2 bangun bukak seluar pegi potty. dah settle sambung main. hahahah comel!!!

Ernie Khairina said...

how annoying it was having to go to the loo every 15 mins? <-- ya i got the point

bagus adam!

ummi sa'eed said...

yaay adam..

si saeed pulak on some days dia taknak pegi toilet, kena praise gila gila ADIK dia. after that baru nak gi toilet sbb he wants praises too...heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

is your daughter fully trained now? hopefully we'll get there soon!

oh ade juga yg ckp great job kat the mommy, thank you! hehe..cop, you guys kat UK ke?where?

ha exactly mcm tulah...

you would know. brape hari lagi ernie?

ummi saeed,
oh little bit positive sibling rivalry ye? hehe...

Mai Okinokiyo said...

Yes my daughter fully trained only at nite i put her on diaper sebab bila wake her up she demand for diaper at nite only.and keluar pun dah diaperless.i reward her all pink princess panties hehehe


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