Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The perks of having an 8 months old

At 8 months old, she can give you a smile so sweet and innocent, you want to give her the world everytime you see one.

You hold your breath for every first step*, first laugh, first word.

She has the loveliest smell. I swear, inhaling the sweet smell of a baby is valid addiction. You cannot get enough of it. Take a whiff, and all is well in the world.

She still has some of her baby fat, looking chubby and oh so cute you want to eat her up.

There is something special about little toes, I can't explain it, it just is.

When she sleeps, she looks like an angel. Curled up little fingers, little toes, little angel face. Everything so little. I can't help but want to snuggle up to all that goodness. Why people decide to have separate room for their little babies I will never understand.

You don't have to yell at her or try to discipline her or drag her to her naughty corner when she misbehaves. Even when she's being cheeky, you can't help but try to keep from smiling.

I wish they could stay little for just a tad longer. Yes, please.

*Isn't it ironic that while I'm writing the above entry about appreciating my 8-month-old, she actually took her first step, right in front of me, and yet I missed it??? Argh! that should teach me to appreciate my baby even more. My husband saw it though (lucky him!) and we quickly took the video below, as she took a few more first steps. Enjoy!


Ernie Khairina said...

good mia! aida, i dont even have a baby cot.. nak tidur sebelah dia je..tapi skarang kan Aariz baru 3 bulan. should i buy?

TRIPLETS plus ONE said...

cutenes, wah so cepat she's taking her first step...anytime soon she'll be running and will see you chasing after 2 lil' ones :D
die dh expert crawling, tak sabar nk jalan pulak ;)

yumyum said...

owh masa taufik letak kat status tu ure updating ur blog eh? lol
anyway mia is soo impressive starting to walk at 8months! she must be very eager to join adam running around the house :D

Nadia said...

omigosh..where's the `like' button for this clip?!

Anonymous said...

ala comelnya si chubby mia dah mula nak menapak. senyum je wlupun jatuh byk kali pun.

aidafiqs adamia said...

i never used/needed a cot with Adam (although we had one) but with Mia we find it useful for naptimes mainly and night time while she is sleeping and I'm still sewing/knitting/dating in the living room. You may start to find that you need one when your son starts getting mobile - rolling and crawling off the bed. with Adam we slept on the floor for a bit until he can climb off the bed safely by himself.

yeah, she's growing way too quickly!

not sure when my husband updated his status but yeah i was writing this entry on the couch, and mia was literally in front of me, i could see her with the corner of my eye. yet i missed it!


thank you!

Anonymous said...

Auwww.... She's so cute! As always.

Rida said...

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