Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why my big brother is the best big brother in the world

When I wake up from my naps, he comes and greets me lovingly - 'Mia amun! (bangun) Hi Mia..' *muahs kisses, hugs* Sometimes he brings me books and tells me 'Surprise, for you'.

One time he said 'I love you' to me out of the blue. A free I love you from him is really special. Nobody else, even Mommy or Daddy has had one. I bet they're jealous!

He is the best at making me feel better when I'm upset. If he sees me crying, he alerts Mommy immediately. He'll hug me, kiss me and tell me 'It's ok's ok...don't cry'. Sometimes he'll sing and ask Mommy to sing along to my favourite songs. If I still won't stop crying, he'll say ' Mommy/Daddy, kung Mia' or 'Mommy, susu Mia'.

He plays all sorts of interesting games all day, it amazes me! I want to play whatever he's playing. He really tries to include me. He'll say ' Mia, come on' or 'Ok Mia masuk house there'. Ok, sometimes I ruin his train tracks or break apart his neat playhouse, and that'll make him upset, but he never takes it out on me, he'll call out to Mommy or Daddy to come pick me up. and then he'll offer me other toys for me to play with instead. Ok i'll behave myself next time ;)

Sometimes I sleep in my cot, but I don't like it there, I prefer to sleep next to my big bro. Mom says I sleep better and longer. If I wake up in the middle of the night and Mommy's not there, I'll wake him up. Sometimes he says 'Stop pushing me!', sometimes he pats my head and says 'Shhh's ok'.

I think he's awesome. Happy birthday Along!

ok now i'm going off to steal his birthday presents....sshhh....


Anonymous said...

sweetnye along adam

kemaryahya said...

so cute this entry..

Anonymous said...

It's beautifully written..
I bet, that is exactly how Mia feel about Adam..
ahhh... make me misses you guys more!

Teeny said...

Agree, totally beautiful.

~Sy yang bukan Mak dia pn, boleh rasa how great it feels to have a some like him
~Sy yang bkn baby sister dia pn, boleh rasa how much love he has for his sibling...

Teeny :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes he is, thank you!

thank you dear!

yes, indeed..

aah nice! thank you!

mate said...

aaaaawwwwwww adam is so full of brotherly love.. bertuah nye mak bapak dia =)


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