Monday, January 10, 2011

Mia's (back-up) birthday dress

This dress style has got to be my favourite one. I love gathers and pleats and this dress is full of it. Bubble skirt and pheasant style top. The pattern is Miss Lily, from the Handmade Dress.

It's quite an easy construction. The whole process from cutting to sewing to finishing took about 3 hours.

I love bubble skirts! it just looks so girly and magical. The fabric is not the fabric I had in mind, it's a trial fabric, but still try the pattern for the first time..a girl can't have too many dresses, after all, right? I'll update again once I have the real birthday dress completed.. good to be sewing again...


MK said...

hold on.
before i start reading your latest entry. MY GOODNESS!!! heart the header!!!!!!
ok. now i go read.

Fizahfauzi said...

another masterpiece from u. excellent

Teeny said...

Yes, new header is awesome! :) And wish, I'm Mia - get to dressed up in cool mum-made dresses! Siap ada back-up.

Mia, Aunty Teeny sgt jeles! :P Happy birthday in advance. What's the date? Aunty's 14th. If she's a Capricorn... Mia, we Capricorn rock!

Teeny @Mirig

jehanne said...

hi, saw ur blog again for knitting inspiration for my baby..the cable blanket that you knitted, is the pattern from debbie bliss simply baby? if not, can u tell me where is it from? many thanks!:D

aidafiqs adamia said...

you are too cute. my husband yg rajin tukar header tu...cantik kan..i love it too!

taklah masterpiece sgt..but thank you dear!

she's borned on the 21st. (mommy mia pun capricorn jugak ok!) happy birthday to you tomorrow!

yes, simply baby by debbie bliss. go get it!good book..


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