Monday, January 17, 2011

perfect birthday!

alhamdulillah..i am having the most blissful birthday ever. we are in alhambra, spain. it is a world unlike any other and it is magnificent. i dont have any photos as we have no internet or laptop here. i am trying to post from my kindle. hope it works. for my friends and family,thank you for the birthday wishes..

to my husband. you're awesome ;)

with love from me. older but hopefully wiser (and prettier?)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday aida.
tak sabar nak tgu cerita bergambar.

Ernie Khairina said...

aida..i almost choked when I knew about Al hambra.. OMG, Al hambra is my dream place ever (after Jurusalem) I slept with green-eyed monster last night. Oh please, can't wait for your photos!

happy birthday dot, yeah of coz prettier.

Ms J said...

seronoknye aida...:)..dpt jln2 while still there!!..happy birthday!!..

Unknown said...

happy birthday dot!!
memang best bday ever la celebrate kat sana ;)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday kak aida. may 2011 become a greater year for u. regards.

ummi said...

happy bestday kak aida!!
alhambra is one of my dream place to go!

nanin said...

omg, alhambra? ooohh.. now bertambah jeles aku, hokey..

happy birthday, aida!

ps: beauty is something yg berkadar terus with age. agree? mesti agree weh! weeehooo...

FizahFauzi said...

Happy Birthday My Dear Aida.

Izza said...

Happy Birthday Babe!!
Sweetnyer taufik...banyak giler treats for u...

Alhambra mmg best kan?? I've been there time student2 dulu...Wish I can go again..huhu..Teringat time aku g summer lots of orange trees lining up the petik jer sambil jalan2..haha

Anonymous said...

I pray that you'll have wonderful years ahead.
And so you can inspire us all with more sewing and knitting and parenting and everything good!

faiehoney said...

aida best !
ernie, tercekik ke..??

hilmi said...

k long..try paella tak? caffe con lece ke? heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you..nnt i letak lg ok..

your turn will come soon...

ms J,
alhamdulillah i am very grateful..

thanks dear!

insyaAllah..thank you..

thank you..nnt pegila alhambra..mmg best pun..

agree2! hehe

you know him. he's a romantic, i'm very lucky indeed. because of the mild climate, even in winter byk jugak orange lining the streets. tapi tak terpikir nak petik2..hehe

thank you dear..thats very sweet of you..


try2! dulu2 time student ade penah try paella kat spain gak (reus), tak sedap! but this time mmg sedap giler...


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