Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prep time

It's January and my little princess' birthday is approaching. I think she deserves a little bit of mama-mades for her first birthday, don't you? I'm a procastinator, I always delay until the last minute to do things..and it doesn't help that I'm the worst organiser on the think this time i'll record my progress on her birthday prep, just to motivate myself...

ok here goes..

I'm starting with her birthday crown...the pattern is the same as Adam's birthday crown (from the book - The Creative Family)


I am using wool felt here instead of the usual craft felt. If you can get access to wool felt, I certainly recommend it. To be honest when I bought the felt I was just testing, I didn't think it would make that much of a difference. But it does. The texture is so much more stable, dense, smooth and just a dream to work with. I would imagine it would withstand long wearing and much chewing and yanking too. The crown can be kept for many birthdays to come.


The result. A crown fit for a princess, no less.


MK said...

yay! i think it's a brilliant idea to record this progress - which actually means more posts for us your readers! thanks! plus i can use your ideas for mine later. can i? =)

Mrs-F said...

beautiful one.... mesti cute mia pakai crown nih.. or is she like adam? tak suka benda atas kepala?

Anonymous said...

oh cant wait to see more of ur preparation! :D

aidafiqs adamia said...

tah2 hangat2 taik ayam je kan?hehe...takpe tgk esok mcmana ade tak update...hehe...of course you're very welcome to use any ideas you like..

mia sama jugak mcm adam...tak suka bende atas kepala..but sometimes she tolerates hats when it's really cold. masuk je building dia cabut hat. chances are she may not want to wear this crown too. sigh. takpe2..buat jugak..

orait..stay tuned!


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