Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I need an info counter

As a first time mom I feel like there is so many things I need to know and yet so little of them I do know. To make it worse, we’re one of the earliest among our friends to get married so we practically have no one to refer to for advice.

Masa berpantang:
What is pilis and..err..param?I think it’s some sort of traditional ubat but I’m not sure.
What does a tungku looks like, when should it be used and where should I get it?
What sort of food should I eat, and what I shouldn’t?
How do I hold a newborn baby?
How do I bathe a newborn baby?
How do I feed a newborn baby?
Does the baby sleep with me or in his cot?
Won’t I accidentally hempap the baby in my sleep??
I heard husband cannot sleep with wife during pantang , is this true?
Do I need some sort of jamu and where from?Salindah?Amway?
Does the baby need a barut and where do I get it?
Do I need some sort of barut also?
What will my tummy look like once the baby comes out?
Will I need to apply some sort of cream, err..ubat2 on my tummy?
Can I watch tv and if not what will I do to kill time in that 2 months?
Where will I go for berpantang because my mom works plus she’s not the kampong/pantang kind. Example: she tried feeding me many many times with pineapple during this pregnancy!
What do I do about the whole “toilet” situation?? I heard it’s awfully painful! Honestly I’m more afraid of going to the loo after childbirth that the actual childbirth/labour itself!

All this and so much more I need to know. Tell me, is there an information counter somewhere?


ellyWong said...

salam aida..

wahh.. good question. kalau tau jawapan nanti post laa ek (for my future reference).

tapi, walaupun haven't got any luck so far, ni just nak share from my reading.

what food not to eat: semua fish yg contain higher mercury contohnye catfish and blue tuna.

pastu yg raw food, half cook semua kena avoid contohnye sushi, telur tiga suku.

hmm.. apa lagi, try avoiding organ dalaman especially yg contain high vitamin a for example liver.

yg lain macam biasa avoid junkies.

what to eat:
yg i remember eating more veggies and fruits.

about baby care:
my ummi kata, once you become mama, it will come naturally to you. so jgn risau sgt. :)

in cot ke tak cot:
ni bnyk pendapat. from my sister's reading, both ways ada pro and cons. i can't remember the details tapi my sister choose to sleep together.

oleh kerana i'm an amateur myself so ini saja yg i know. lepas ni i'm sure you can answer any question on baby. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

wah..thanks elly
i also need to do more readingla mcm ni..

nanti kalau i get the answers i'll share it..spread the lurve of childbirth!hehe

Anonymous said...


just wanna share what i've planned for my baby nati.

1. dont simply take apa2 jenis jamu or hebs or whatever if u dont have the spesific info about it sbb tkt efek if u wanna breastfeed. some kind of herbs are 'panas' and may lead ur milk to kering before time (as per discussed with the expert).

2. kalo kat my kampung, tungku is made from batu sungai, bakar with some daun2, bungkus dgn kain & will be used utk tuam dkt perut. im not sure about the purposse , mayebe utk betulkan rahim, kecutkan or whatever. & skg ada set2 bersalin yg ada tungku sekali. u can surf la utk set2 bersalin like sendayu tinggi, nona roguy, leesa, etc.

3. makan makanan yg berkhasiat as what u eat masa pregnant.

4. to hold & to bathe, etc. it will come naturally nanti. insyaAllah.

5. baby needs ur milk sampai umur dia 5-6 months then u may intro him to solid. how to breastfeed u can get the info from books or internet.

6. i choose to place my baby in his cot, to teach him to be independent. hehe.

7. never heard about hempap2, but never2 breastfeed ur baby masa nak tido, u may acidentaly tertido & tersepit ur baby between ur breast.. may lead to suffocating.

8. cannot sleep means cannot makelove.. if u can control.. nothing to worry if wanna sleep together.

9. refer to no. 1. myself dont wanna take jamu, i take my pills yg biasa ambil during pregnancy je (shaklee). try to amik set versalin with minimum thing to consme if u wanna breastfeed. tkt efek susu..

10. barut baby byk ada kat pasaraya & pasar malam.

11. if u want to get ur shape back, better get one barut.

12. once the baby comes out, u tgk perut kucing after beranak, samting like that la.

13. yes, u need ubat sapu before pakai barut, usually org letak minyak halia. u ucan get this bila u beli barut tu.

14. i afraid u hav no time to do anything when the baby is here. hehehe.

15. my mom osso not pantang2 even if she's org kampung plus she works in a hospital. some pantang style is a bit ridiculous e.g.: cant consume water, vege, etc. in fact a breastfeed mom needs plenty of water & fibre.

16. hopefully ur scar will heal instanly. hehe.

macam pakar je aku nih. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, lupa pulak. pilis/parem is something herba yg org pas bersalin letak kat dahi tu. utk buang angin or whatever. some set bersalin dh ada benda in dlm setnya.

if xmau pakai bengkung, bole pakai korset or girdle. lg senang xpayah nk ikat2. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi aida!!

Kak Fifah here. Act dh lama follow blog nie, just tak tinggal comment jer. Hari tu tinggal comment, tapi terlupe lak nak publish.. hehe..

Leme share a few things that nobody told me when i was expecting my first child:

1. We tend to worry about the wrong things.
-Masa akak pregies ngan ayesha dulu pun I had more or less the same concerns as you. But what we should be worrying about now is, number one, deciding who's gonna take care of the baby once we start going back to work. Kalau nak amik maid, amik SKRG coz now is the best time for you to train the maid. Lepas bersalin nanti u'll have too many things physically and emotionally to deal with, u dun wanna add a new maid (who can be an entirely diff story on its own) to the list. Kalau nak hantar baby sitter, survey skrg. Lepas berssalin nanti tak sempat. Or u might wana send baby to mum's. What ever it is, decide now.

2. Set-set bersalin ni usually are a waste of money. Why? coz like ure frind said, if u plan to breast feed, sometimes baby tak tahan jamu2 yg panas itu. u might be ok, but baby berak2... Akak punye experience. both babies tak tahan ubat akar kayu.. chances are most babies don't.

3. Find a good confinment lady- and she will take care of the pilis and param and barut for u and tunku and segala mak nenek tu. Some confinement laddies even cook ure meals and tlg mandikan baby. Get a good enuff confinement laddy and half the items on ure list will be resolved!!

4. Invest in a good "for dummies" book. Akak dulu beli from the "what to expect" series. Dr Spocs pun bagus jugak. Buku2 tu biasenye macam FAQ. So it helps calm ure nerves. Trust me, when the baby arrives, how to mandikan dier and where he selps will be THE LEAST of ure concerns. Wait till u try taking care of an umbilical stump, or baby tido and tak bangun for 5 hours or suddenly baby decides to stop breathing (which they sometimes do coz believe it or not they forget). Thats where the books come in handy.

5. BREAST FEEDING DOES NOT COME NATURALLY. It takes a lot of practise and can be extremely frustrating at first. A lot of my friends agree that for the first child, there will be at least one episode where both mummy n baby will be crying at the same time-mummy out of frustration and baby out of hunger. A good book on breast feeding techniques (with pictures) will come in handy.

6. Go to parent craft clases. Usually kat hospital ader.

7. Always be prepapred that the delivery might end up in an emergency c-section becoz it very well can, like in the case of akak punye 2nd baby. The more prepared u are, the better u cope with it emotinally.

8. U will still look like ure 6 months pregnant, even after baby's born.

9. Postpartum depresion is very real. ALL my friend (myself included) admitted that they felt depressed to some point when caring for the first baby. One- becoz ure in pain like uve never known pain before. two- Half the time u don't know what ure doing. three- after the 1st week, the world stops revolving around u. Hubby goes back to work, pple are done visiting and all of a sudden its just u and baby. It may sound blissfull, but there will be times when u will feel alone and abandoned. The good news is that its normal to feel that way. Talk to some one about it.

Last but not least, somebody once told may that having kids is like making pancakes. U screw up the first few nad get btr as u go along. Not saying that we screw up with our children (na'uzubillah) but when u feel like ure in a rut, always know that things will get btr in due time. Just try to enjoy those preciuos moments... things will get btr.

Good luck and hv fun! Call me if u need anything.

aidafiqs adamia said...

Thanks so much for your comments!ayyo, tererla u apesal i taktau pape ni..hehe..

Kak Fifah,
wow..thanks! really good comments..first baca takut gak cos a lot of the things u said i haven't even thought of yet! ada few thingsla nak tanya..boleh tak?
3.err..confinement lady?? mana nak cari?did u hire one urself?
4.umbilicial stump??what's that??and why would they 'decide' to stop breathing??ok ok, i need those books!
5.I plan to breastfeed but i thought i didn't need to worry sbb it will come naturally.apparently not..hehe.a friend at work just told me her milk run out only after a week! is that possible?

i can't make pancakes. hopefully having kids is..err..easier?hehe

btw, macamana kak fah jumpa this blog? hehe..seganla..byk drama queen entries :)

Anonymous said...

i ada tips utk breastfeed which bole buat skg, in my other blog :, ke ape tah adresnya. ada link in my blog.

aidafiqs adamia said...

i dah baca.thanks!!

Mamamarina said...

aida i sent an email to u regarding the questionnaires.. did u get it? btol ke emel ko

Anonymous said...

Aida, kak shira ni.

Ingatkan dah bersalin..sbb baca blog entry..heh..nways..i'd like to share some tips with u usual la from my mother and so..but akak rasa susah nk explain kalau type2 if u're free, can give me a call at 019-4751672. i gave it to u time kita terserempak but i guess ur busy with work lupe nk sms akak ur no back..:-) its ok

just one thing to mention here, if one thing u need to be ready of..its the childbirth itself! :-)

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak shira,

sorry! lupa! i wrote it somewhere n then hilang..heh

anyway, dah sms akak..would love to call and hear from you. tak penah jumpa ur daughter lagi..

yes, eventually must get ready for childbirth jugak ye. but for now somehow perasaan takut beranak tu blom ada lagi. alhamdulillah, kalau tak makin sesak napas jadiknye..hehe..

next month nak pegi classes..ada topic on labour jugak..


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