Monday, June 11, 2007

My Baby is...


Last Friday we had a detail scan at the hospital and we asked the sonogrammer to check the baby’s sex. First she took pictures of the baby’s face, and asked my husband if he thought Baby looked like mom or dad? Btw, they have a HUGE screen for husbands and doctors to watch the baby and teeny tiny screen for the mummies! So mummy can’t have a valid opinion on who the baby looks like, really! My husband said Baby looks like me! She agreed and straightaway she said, then this one must be a boy. She moved the sonogram to between Baby’s legs and..there it is!

So from now on, let’s call the Baby, Adam.

Don’t you just love that name?

My husband is ecstatic sbb ada geng nak main bola!

Sonogrammer also checked other parts of Adam’s little body. His kidney, brain functions, how many fingers, heart etc. I was holding my breath as she scanned each part of him because I was so nervous. But alhamdulillah, she told me everything looks fine.

My healthy little boy Adam, I love you! I hope you grow up to be just like your Daddy =)


Mommy Lyna said...

hehe. congrates on adam. eh aida, bila EDD sbrnya? mine 13 okt. mcm dekat2 je kita.


aidafiqs adamia said...

so yours is exactly raya baby la ni?

my due date 12 oct..last day puasa

congrats on ur baby boy too..i know u really wanted a boy :)

brape harga avent isis uno yg u beli kat parkson klcc tu ek?

Anonymous said...

heh congratss la k long..kem salam kat adam nanti..ckp topek suh train die main bola..leh main kat premiership..snang..heh..btw agak2 k long dlu 1st born baby..mama abah mesti excited camni kan?heh

Anonymous said...

owh. kita beli rm695. kat semua store harga sama except mothercare. mothercare rm785.

pam seketul je la + kepala manual + tpt bateri + plug utk elektrik. xde yg complete set (+ bag + botle, etc).

aidafiqs adamia said...

habisla adam mesti kecik2 lagi dah kene pegi training futsal ngan daddy/uncle2 dia...uwaa..

oo dia bukan set ke?so expensive ek..i thought maybe the out and about set(manual) pun sufficient..tapi isis uno pun tempting gak..

Anonymous said...

so far tgk kat KL xjumpa la yg set. sme seketul tu je. kalo kat brunei ada tp 399 dollar convert to RM pn RM997, almost 1k huhu. kat ebay ade la tp 2nd hand punye. huhu.

yg bestnya sal dia 3 in 1 & simple xde pakai motor2 mcm isis duo. cuma 1 thing dgn avent, kalo rusak apa2 spare part susah nak carila. maybe u can consider other brand? medela or spectra. medela is hospital grade.

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks..will survey2 lagi for now

Anonymous said...

heh kalo laki ok la die gile sukan..amende yg klong cite dgn along ni..?

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah kan..kalau dia ikut mummy dia kaki bangku ape2 sukan pun payahler...haha

aaa ngan along tu cite pasal bre*stpump...hahahah


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