Monday, June 18, 2007

Miri trip

Daddy’s gone to Miri yesterday and Mummy’s feeling blue…hehe

Before he went he told you to take care of me which I thought was sweet but ridiculous, obviously. But somehow in your own way I think you did. On the way back from the airport you started kicking me. And you keep kicking and moving so much the whole day, keeping me company. Usually when you start kicking rigorously it’s either one of two reasons; it’s food time, or prayer time. But yesterday you were active the whole day and only rested with me at night when I go to bed.

Thank you so much, my Baby, for being here when I need you =)

To my dear husband, pls come home cos I’m afraid our house will turn into sarang tikus soon without you..hehe..


hilmi said...

mama takde bagi tips2 ke..cerita2 ke mase die mengandungkan anak2 die?

along said...

waaaaaa. kita pun kene tinggal jugak esok asben 2minggu g KL. huhuhuhu.

mummytobe said...

ade gak dia cite sikit2..

waaa..lamanyaa.being pregnant and emotional certainly won't make it easier! tapi oklah ade baby teman :)

mate said...

aww sweetnye baby adam temankan mommy dia.. hope he grows up to be a soleh child, amin

along said...

dah balik ke daddynya?

mummytobe said...

dah..sekejap je dia pegi..
ur husband dah balik ke?

along said...

we'll go after him. ada 3 hari meting kat KLCC kelak. flight pkl 4suku ptg ni. hehe. tak sabar2 dah rasanya skg ni pn body je kat sini mind soul seme dah KL dah.

mummytobe said...

oo yeke..i can relate perasaan org ngandung yg tak dpt jumpa laki ni..hehe

take care and have fun in kl..kalau singgah kajang jemputla dtg rumah =)

along said...

owh, duk kajang ke? kajang area mana? kot2 la terpegi ke. hehe.

mummytobe said...

dekat2 dgn skolah smap kajang..


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