Monday, September 17, 2007

36 weeks check up

Just got back from my 36th week check up.

Dr Fauziah gave me the admission form. So anytime now whenever Adam decides to make his grand entrance we can go straight to Emergency. This check up was really brief. Doc scanned my tummy, reported that Adam’s weight now is 2.3 – 2.4 kg. She said weight is low tapi oklah as soon as minimum 2.5 kg time deliver nanti. Soon as he heard it my husband terus buat muka sedih..down giler dia..Sian Daddy kan Adam. Nanti Mummy mkn byk2 lagi, ok. I didn’t gain any weight myself.

Yg kelakarnya, prescription doctor for me this time;

1. Go shopping. Actually she said more walking but my husband punya conclusion is more shopping and doctor pun senyum je in agreement. Hehe..

2. More s*x. This one not my husband punya own conclusion, ok. She actually said it would help to soften the vagina and ease labour..hehe..

Well, I’m not complaining!


along said...

hehehe. tak tahan betul ngan prescription doktor tuh. hehe. tp adam nyer weight skg is sama ngan my baby H punye ms 34 weeks! but i xgain weight pon.


mummytobe said...

brape berat baby H skang?

along said...

hm.. ntahla. lusa br nkgi cek up. jgnle besar sgt arap2nya. tp doc dah warning... above 3 nih. huh.

PuteriSatu said...

tak per..berat tak penting..janji baby sihat dan sempurna..itu dah cukup...klu baby tak besar...nanti leh senang labour...klu besar nanti susah nak labour plak..sebab 1st baby kan...

mummytobe said...

a'ah, betul tu..
asalkan baby sihat..cukupla kan..


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