Tuesday, September 11, 2007

8 month - 35 weeks check up

Yesterday we went for my check up. This time there was such a loooong queue at the clinic sampaikan my husband yg sgt penyabar itu pun dah bangun gi tanya nurse what’s going on, why aren’t we seeing the doctor yet although our appointment was supposed to be at 10am.

Finally our turn came. As I walked in the door, Dr Fauziah terus ckp, ‘Eh, yg ni kecik sgt pulak perut dia. Tapi you dah dekat nak deliver dah ni kan….”. Then when she scans my belly, she told us Adam is healthy, the amniotic fluid is enough, baby’s head is positioned down where it’s supposed to be. So even though Adam’s size is a bit small, everything else is fine, so there’s no need to worry. Adam now weighs 2.2 kg, so he gained about 0.4 kg compared to last month. Mummy gained 2 kg compared to last month. Doc ckp I rase baby you ni mungkin lahir tak sampai 3 kg. My husband is disappointed because dia nak Adam montel…Sibukla dia buat plans to feed me even MORE FOOD…adoi laki aku ni….hehe..

We asked doc a few things. On episiotomy, she said it’s often practiced for first babies. Second one, not so much. On epidural pulak, I asked what is her opinion. She said, it’s up to you but she advised me to look at the situation. Kalau time I am admitted to the hospital tu I am already 5-6 cm dialated, tak perlulah. Kalau I am induced, or kalau my labour pain starts early ( i.e. 1-2 cm dialated pun dah sakit, labour process would take looong hours) it’s best to take the epidural. Sbb if not then after 12 – 24 hours you dah takde energy nak push. Tapi kalau you tahan sakit, cepat dilate and labour process mcm short, tak perlulah amik epidural. On the side effects pulak, she said medically takde side effects yg teruk but some ppl have the opinion that it will cause back pain. But in her opinion back pain tu could be caused by other things like your posture, too much bending during confinement, etc. sbb org yg tak ambik epidural pun ada yg have back pain. So kesimpulannya I think I will take her advise la. Tgk keadaan mcmana when I’m in labour nanti…..(tak sabarnya!). My husband tanya pasal sunatkan baby. She said lagi bagus buat time baby, senang nak jaga and baby will recover very quickly. But my husband still nak Adam rasa thrill bersunat time besar sikit…which I don’t understand ape yg thrillnye? Mungkin seronok kot awek2 dtg visit…hehe..Oklah, part ni I leave to you la ye Daddy..

Lps our check up ade representative from a cord blood bank approached us. We’ve been thinking about this and we think it might be a good idea to bank Adam's cord blood. Lps dgr her explanation, we’re more convinced we should do it. Basically cord blood ni bila kite letak anywhere in the body, it can transform into any type of tissues. Contohnya, bila org diabetic nak kene buang part of his kaki ke, the tissues can be replaced by cord blood. Letak kat jantung dia jadi tissue jantung. Byk penyakit boleh guna cord blood ni. Any member of the family can use it, provided that they’re a match. For adik2 Adam and Mummy and Daddy, the match normally is 100%. For extended families, ada 50-70% chance of a match. Since my family esp my father byk history of illnesses mcm kencing manis, cancer etc, mungkin cord blood ni byk gunanya in the future..Bayaran nak keep the blood pun taklah semahal yg kitorg sangka…alhamdulillah.

Lps ni my appointments at the hospital every week. Next Monday ada appointment lagi. I love coming for check ups because I can see Adam active on the scanner. You know the feeling when the holidays/vacation is approaching, you’re so excited that even when you’re at work you feel like your “soul” dah pegi to that vacation place? That’s how I feel right now with 5 weeks to go till my due date. Malas dah nak pi keje!


Anonymous said...

waaaa bestnya adam xbesar sgt... me kene warning ngan doktor jgn makan byk2 sal baby besar... isk3x. abis la.

i think the episiotomy practise differs between doctors kan. my gynae sini seboleh2 nk elak episiotomy.

kitorang nk sunatkan budak ni bila dia dh besar. kira mcm ada satu event yg menunjukkan dia dah dewasa. hehe.

korang amik cordblood adam ek. kitorang decide nk amik cord blood second baby nanti. yg ni xlarat lagi la. too much CAPEX dah. hua hua hua. since the compatibility among immediate family is 100%, rasanya xde poblem la hehe.

u know... hari ni dah masuk 2 hari MC. hihihi. malas nkgi keja even if ada 2minggu je lg before cuti panjang! balik kampung~~~

aidafiqs adamia said...


sama la konsep my husband. sunat dah besar mcm ada sambutan la tunjukkan budak tu dah besar..heh

a'ah we signed up for cord blood tu. oklah about rm250 per year

jelesnye..mcmana u boleh dpt mc tu?
i ni dah nak masuk 9 bulan pregnant tak pernah dapat mc 1 hari pun! how to mintak mc? kalau kite ckp sakit pinggang, pening kepala, sakit kaki ke dia bagi ke mc?

Anonymous said...

uish. time preggy la senang nk MC. i call je my doktor ckp nak MC. bgtau la sakit pinggang ke pening ke. hihihi. especially 35 weeks above ni mmg senang la nk MC2 nih.

korang amik dgn stemcell ke. last time discuss dgn agent tu dia ckp have to pay full for 20yrs, about RM5k in one shot. tu yg.. nanti la dlu. hehe.

aidafiqs adamia said...

wah..bestnye.u call ur gynea or clinic biasa? aaa jelesnye..pls teach me how! mmg tak larat nak gi keje esp if the night b4 langsung tak dpt sbb tak pandai mintak mc pergila jugak keje...uwaaa...

kitorg amik dgn CSI (but i forgot what it stands for..nnt i check). pay rm 1800 in 12 months installment. then after ur child 3 years old, start paying rm 250 per year. the agent would come masa i give birth later to accompany us and transport the blood..

Anonymous said...

hehehe. call my gynae. ckp sakit pinggang nak MC. hehe. final month ni senang je dpt MC. dia siap kasik 3 ahri lg. hahahaha.



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