Friday, April 25, 2008

Daddy's Day

We didn’t fall in love the moment we met. In fact I hardly remember our first encounter.

We have almost nothing in common.

He plays all kinds of sports, I don’t (can’t?). He is compulsively clean/organized, I’m compulsively messy. He’s calm, I’m emotional. He’s meticulous, I’m lazy. He cleans the house in the middle of the night, I …err..sleep? He takes care of all the bills, I hardly even check my bank balance. He’s always early, I’m always late. He drives, I don’t.

(Err..wait, why did he choose me??)

We are so different, and yet in every way, he completes me..

I like the person that I’ve become when I’m with him. His heart is so pure, that it washes the stain in mine. I look at him and I see the kind of person I want my children to be.

He doesn’t have to have a stash of money, he doesn’t have to build me a big house or buy me an expensive car. Nothing else matters because he is perfect the way he is.

I thank God every day for the best Gift he has ever given me. My husband.


Adam, YES you are my Prince….but remember, Daddy is still King…ok…hehe


Sue.Aleen said...

send him a warmest birthday wish from me. biasalah tu.. kalau sama je tak best jugak.. kena ada perbezaan.. kalau dua2 malas camne tu? -:).. so hang tengok aku, aku tengok hang je la..

Anonymous said...

my hubs is my total opposite too and yet we get along well (most of the time hehe...)happy birthday to your hubs!

Anonymous said...

so sweet..send my bday regards to him ok?

Anonymous said...

aha. tu la nama dia complement to each other kan. i pon totally diferent dgn mu huby & semua ciri2 yg u tls tu sama je kita kecuali bab kemas rumah tu. adehh.

cemana the celebration weekend ni yar.. jeng3x!

neway kemsalam kat besday man haha. bukan boy dah.

Anonymous said...

ur entry ni so sweeeeeeet!!!

my bie n i pon completely different and kontra. bila i tanya kenapa dia choose i sdgkan belambak awek luar sana... dia jwb "kalau semua yg sy suka, awk suka..tak bess le."

MN said...

mcm magnet, opposite attracts kan?
kalo sume sama, sure dull.
wishe both of u happiness (and adam too!!)

Hada Masayu said... should be that way aida..same goes to arwah ayah aku dgn mak aku..kalau dua2 samaje, life mesti xexciting, sbb xde challenge the way ko create ayat..perghhh,hebat gile,hehe..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

well, ppl say opposite attracts, but the truth is opposite compliments each other =)

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak sue,
btul tu..sib baik dia rajin..i'm so lucky..hehe

i like the "most of the time" part...hehe..

he says thanks..

samalah kite...hehe

if i ask my husband the same question he will reply by teasing me with a comment that borders on sexual harrassment...haha

mrs noba,
thank you..yup..opposite attracts =)

just writing what i parents must've had the most wonderful life together..

mommy of triplets,
yes..cantik je Tuhan carikan jodohkan...compliments each other..

Unknown said...

dot, bole tak laki kite ni lebih kurang je (in terms of rajin and kemas umah tgh malam)..and kite pon same je perangai..hehe! aren't we lucky? send my regard to "birthday daddy"!


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