Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adam @ 11 months

Adam @ 11 months

OMG I forgot Adam’s 11 months birthday..until hubby just reminded me just now. He turned 11 months last week but last weekend we keep telling people he’s 10 months.


Let’s see what I can remember about his developing personality this month;

Adam is now a more confident walker. Can walk when encouraged and also when he’s absorbed with doing something/chasing after something and didn’t realise he’s walking on his own. He especially loves it if there’s a crowd clapping hands and cheering him as he walks…hehe..

He talks so much! Babbles in his own language and sounds very similar to a real language sometimes! Heheheh it’s very entertaining to listen to him. Betul2 mcm Pingu…hehe…?He can say Mamamama (mommy) and Dadadadada (daddy) :) if he wants something and doesn’t get it..he usually says Nanananananak!!!! Which we interpret as “nak!” Betul ke? Hehe..when he really doesn’t want something…like when tgh kasi dia mkn ubat..he says Nanak!nanak!nanak!!! which we interpret as “taknak!” hahahah sukahatilah interpret sendiri…anybody got the dictionary to Pingu language?

His stranger’s anxiety is getting less, thank God. Doesn’t cry when sent to the nursery anymore..alhamdulillah. He’ll let other people hold him when his mood is good..

He is very active! OMG soooo hard to keep up! Look away for one second and he’s already terbalikkan rak makanan onto himself! (ok was a light plastic one, but still!). Memanjat sana memanjat sini..couch dah boleh panjat..almari baju dia panjat..laptop punya buttons dia korek (my shift button doesn’t work anymore, hubby mouse dah jahanam) pastu suka sgt cari bende2 kecik..kutip2 semut..kutip2 benang2 kecik2…hish…Ada saje activity dia nak buat…pastu mulut pokpekpkpek sambil main…

He loves house-cleaning activities! Just like his Daddy! Gadget paling dia suka is the vaccum…hahaha…He knows where it is (in my sewing room) and whenever that room is open he’ll come inside and quickly find the vacuum to play with. Nowadays in the weekends when his Daddy tgh hoover and mop the house he wants Daddy to hold him so he can watch. Last weekend hubby WRAPPED!!! With Adam in the wrap they both hoover and mop the house! I have photos but…no shirts on so tak boleh letak sini..hehe…

He doesn’t really watch TV because he can’t sit still at all (he’s rather be exploring around the house ) but he will sit very quietly when the Azan is on or ayat2 Quran in read on TV. Since now it’s Ramadhan, time berbuka we switch on the tv for him to watch Azan while we eat and time sahur if he wakes up we switch on Tadarrus Quran for him to watch while we eat…

Oklah that’s all I can think of for this month.

Happy Belated 11 months birthday Adam!!! Mommy loves you so much….muahs!


ellyWong said...

haha.. ha'a.. suke ati jer kan interpret kan tuk adam. hohohoho.. comel!!

Anonymous said...

alaaahai comelnya dia buat mulut mcm tu! he is definitely cuter than any Pingu! hahaha

happy 11th month adam.. cepatnya dah besar!

Ernie Khairina said...

comel gile
dadam bile nak pakai baju aunty khairina kasik? huhu

aidafiqs adamia said...

syok "conversation" dgn dia...hehe

cepat sgt kan..tak terasa tibe2 dah 11 months..

auntie ernie,
baju auntie kasi tu more than twice Adam's size la auntie..untuk budak 2-3 years old..kene tunggu another year baru leh pakai...hehe

Anonymous said...

oi adam budak comel
happy 11 months! have a good one. :) rajin2 la beli paper tgk salam perantaun nabil antar.. sempat promote lol

Emma said...

i pun ada jugak miss count ryan's age...

nampak sgt yg kita nie xmo baby kita besar kan!! :P

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

aida, nak beli medela freestyle? i ter-beli mlm tadi kat ebay :P

aidafiqs adamia said...

which newspaper..and which date?

yes..don't want him to grow so quickly!hehe

err...i also accidentally bought one from munirah (mommy of triplets)..

Anonymous said... kid is very hyperactive hey...well, what can you say, children are natural explorer..i think he'll be a good speaker when he grows up (maybe debater ker)hehe...happy 11th birthday adam n congratulations to mommyadam!!really admire your parental skill.

wallpapersdeco said...

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Shaza Shamsuddin said...

adam.. adam sgt comel.. auntie yoko sukaakk! :)

Anonymous said...

tahniah adam...walking boy lah dah sekarang, pasni mommy terkejar2 lah..


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