Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adam and Daddy bonding with vaccuum ;)

I mentioned that Adam loves to watch his Daddy cleaning the house..

well, last weekend hubby was going to vaccuum the house as usual while i was in the bathroom with Adam, nak mandikan dia..terus dia tak senang duduk, nak lompat out of his bathtub when he heard the sound of the vaccuum..So hubby said, oklah, wait for him..

Lps Adam dah mandi, hubby said let me wear him on my back.i pun ape lagi, excitedla to see hubby babywearing. this time he tried the mei tai...

tgk si kenit kepochi kat blakang

i snapped many photos and in all the photos Adam was looking down like this;

sbbnye dia sibuk tgk vaccuum tu...hahahaha...
lps dah vaccuum,mop pulak..
both of them were comfortable throughout..
Adam almost fell asleep..
i can't wait to make a manly mei tai for hubby. kalau ade buckles lagi bagus kan...mana nak dpt eh?
babywearing rocks!


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

wah coolness!
adam tgk bwh sbb nk make sure daddy die tak miss out any spot.
mcm inspector lar pulak adam ni, hihihi

Liza Yaakup said...

this is really cute! My DD pun sibuk giler if I want to hoover the house. U can find buckles at any kedai jahit i think. In Ipoh, I found it at the one in town. Can't wait to see your masculine version of baby carrier.. must be awesome. Btw.. ur really good at what u do

Anonymous said...

hi there.. salam perkenalan.. i'd have to agree with liza.. you're really good at what u do.. and u've got the whole attachment parenting down to a T! hats off to u and hubby for being so creative =D

prism-ness said...

kiut nya tgk ur loved ones ni..

Tyazizul said...

hye kak aida...
tetibe terjumpe ur blog..well..
tahniah sbb dah jadi mummy..
so u

Ida said...

Cutenyer ur baby kena dukung mcm tuh....they must be vry close kan?

Anonymous said...

waaa dia mesti nnt rajin kemas rumah nih.

tak berani la nak try pakaikan mei tai kat blkg. tak confident. tried it once, pastu punggung adam mcm nak kluar pulak.

@nannoor said...

bagus nih, adam nnt bleh tolong vacuum bila besar nt.
i penah pakai mei tai kat blakang, masa tu masak bukak pose, tasneem menjerit2 nak dukung.
suka pulak dia tu. tp tu lah x tahan sebb dia suka nak menjenguk dr belakang mcm adam dlm gmbar tu.

Unknown said...

hehe..cutenye dadam..mesti die pun berpeluh2 tolong daddy die vacuum ;)

Anonymous said...

what's with lil boys and vacuum eh? my nephew SUKA SGT vacuum sampaikan my MIL bought him a bosch imitation vacuum (by ELC) for his 2nd birthday last month. bertambah sakan la dia vacuuming the house!

Even the ELC vacuum's online review pun mostly from parents yg beli that vacuum for their son (not daughter). hehe...

it's the bonding of BOYS & MACHINES i guess! ;)

DYLA said...

mcm best je tgk bby sling tue. :)
salam singgah!

Anonymous said...

wahh.. rajennye taufiq !!mmg every week taufiq vacuum rumah ek? adam sgt cute in dat mei tai with daddy

Anonymous said...

cute gila daddy adam!

Unknown said...

aida, where can i find mei tai? seriously i need one, boleh menyapu, basuh baju n cleaning without tinggal fatiha behind,

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah kan dia check kot bersih tak daddy dia hoover..hehe. btw, i need to call you about the..ehem..Ultimate hp jahanam cos masuk mulut adam.i'll contact you asap =)

liza yaakup,
i really have to thank you dear! somehow i tak terpikir kedai jahit ade jual! because of you i had a Breakthrough in babywearing!!really!! i'll write more in my next entry k!thanks again!

thank you =)

cute kan diorg..hehe

thank we know each other? btw, my husband is a fan of your rocketman =)

thank you for that comment.. yes they're very close! i think that's the whole point about babywearing...BONDING!!

felt exactly the same way too. but desperation is the best drive!hehe..very hard to cook/wash dishes/vaccuum with him on the front. so after some practice it's not difficult at all. try it! you can get a lot done with him on the back..

rase tak confident kan kalau dia dok mengeliat/pusing2 bawah etc. try this; instead of tying the shoulder straps under his bottom, tie it at his back i.e. re-enforcing the spine support and pulling the baby closer to you. worked for me. hope it would work for you too!

mmg pun..both of them cepat berpeluh...hehe

wow...imitation vaccuum? sounds like the perfect first birthday gift to me...heheheh..mana nak dpt??

thank you for coming..

yup..everyweek..dia mmg suka sgt mengemas much sampai i like to tease him about it...hehe..

cute kan?? org asik ckp adam je cute..sib baik ade sorg perasan daddy dia pun cute! heheheh

kat malaysia i cuma jumpa 2 tmpt jual mei tai (brand Kozy). satu Tiny Tapir, satu lagi Jess of Peekaroobaby. price rm294.Awin, jom dtg the babywearers gathering this can try the mei tais. or you can try mine =)

Emma said...

jeles2... jeles dgn bonding depa..

kalau u jual la.. agak2 similar x dgn brand kozy tu?? hu hu

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

aida...perkembangkanla kretiviti u ni lagi :)


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